Gathering of Solidarity to the Termita Squat

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In the morning of 04/01, there was a coordinated operation to evict the squat of Termita. The eviction was made by the University of Thessaly and the police force of Volos and other forces of the region. During the eviction 3 comrades were arrested and released some hours later with the accusation ofdisturbance of domestic peace and the 6 buildings were demolished right after the operation.


We put here the text of Termita Squat that explains why it was targeted by the state and the university of Thessaly:



Squats are our liberated grounds, liberated from state control, in order to house our needs and desires; they are the structures which connect the struggle to society, which embody the vision of freedom and solidarity. They are meeting points for all those who question state and capitalism, who choose to collectivize outside the institutional framework. They are the ground on which communities of struggle are built, on terms of participation and equality. All this means that squats are not spaces of an alternative lifestyle, but a refuge in the midst of a war, for all those who are besieged by the world of authority. Especially for migrants, outside of self organized communities, the state maintains a special regime of repression: persecution, incarceration and deportation.


This new hostility, initiated by the state, is part of the overall attack against those who struggle. This constant attack from the state and para-state forms part of the same wired fence that stands in the way of thousands of refugees and migrants, that reinforces the control and surveillance in our cities, that builds high security prisons and arms the hand of paramilitary gangs, paving the way to modern totalitarianism.


To conclude, we stand united and we declare that any attack against one space of struggle is an attack against all of us.


We call for an microphonic intervention in solidarity with Termita squat in Syntagma square at 12:00 on Sunday 07/01 while the comrades in Volos will be making a demonstration.



Solidarity Assembly to Squats and Spaces of Struggle

Self Defence Structure of Squats and Migrant Housing Projects

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