Ecstatic Drum Rave οικονομικής ενίσχυσης του Ελεύθερου Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενου Θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣ

από Κρουστα Χωρις Συνορα

Ecstatic Drum Rave22:00 Friday 23rd November and 22:00 Saturday 8th December till dawn. Our nights to collectively enter into a state of ecstatic frequencies through frantic live drumming, extreme bass beats, trance melodies, pagan sounds, cosmic visuals, fire, smells and high spirits.With you we shall engage all the tools at our disposal to successfully journey in sync into a state of ecstasy.This is not your usual rave or festive gathering, this is an invitation, a personal challenge to reach your inner-self through euphoria.Our global human heritage repeatedly shows an innate desire to go out of ourselves, enter into ecstasy, break free of cultural bounds and unite with our primal desires and true beingness with respect and unity with all that is.Eleusinian, Dionysian, Bacchanalian, Shamanic, Tribal, Balkan, Celtic, and Pagan gatherings are all manifestations of humans getting in-sync.Drumming has and always will create community, empower and awaken latent talents into collaboration.We are still hungry for extreme dance happiness! We search for it today in festivals, at raves on the beaches of the tropics, in forest fire gatherings, at the solstice sacred sights, now we have a space and time to build the momentum to leave Babylon vibes behind, for our first night of many in Embros theater and enter together into ecstatic motion united by drums, self expressive dancing, friendship and entrancing Dj mixes ready to take us to otherworldly soundscapes.We shall not follow musical genres but flirt with all of them. Together we will fuse all our imagination and respond in the instant to the collective vibes. We will jointly experience how music can provide the ultimate proof that humans are instinctual masters of collaborative positive contribution for the grander amazement of all.Exit the mental box. Exit Babylon. Enter into Collective Ecstasy.Do you dare?Then come prepared, let loose and inspire others.We are all responsible for our collective happiness, its contagious.Feathers, hula hoops, bare feet, masks , alter egos, costumes, face painting, fire spinning are all welcome:)Nothing is fixed, all is doable.If you so wish to contribute in some way special get in-touch or simply turn up on the night and share your passion.The shall be one full hot pot of traditional Greek Racomelo ( raki/honey/cinnamon) on the fire to share at the beginning of the night, come early to enjoy.And for the all natural health freaks and all night dancers out there the will be available throughout the night all the way from Goa India the high energy superfood mix Dance Wild to keep your energy, endurance, focus and flow at top levels. Just in case you are still in doubt this night might be too much for you here are some reassuring words....We all have rhythm, we are born with it, we walk in rhythm, we talk in rhythm, we pulse in rhythm, we love rhythm.It scientifically takes only 15-30 mins for the absolute beginner to enter a state of rhythmic flow, followed by mass endorphin release.Anthropologist Michael Harner, of the foundation for shamanic studies points out that a shaman in just 10 mins of rhythmic drum journeying produces brainwaves measured by electroencephalographic equipment that have only been duplicated by zen masters in deep meditation after 6 hours of work.Take advantage of the health benefits and rave to the rhythms of the drums:)

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