A Kurd refugee in coma after beating by port police in Igoumenitsa

Αnother victim of the murderous Police operations at the western ports of Greece

This is a translation of this article.

On the 3rd of April at Igoumenitsa port the Coast Guard men injured fatally a Kurdish immigrant from Iraq. The eyewitnesses who are “sans papiers”immigrants described “commandos in blue and military camouflage uniforms. The policemen requested by the immigrants to leave the port area. They did so, but returned some time later to find a way to be transported to Italy, which was their goal. They waited there, but the police returned as well, and they arrested Arivan Abdullah Osman, a 29 year old Kurdish Iraqi. They banged his head on the cement at the port and inflicted him an internal hemorrhage.

He was transferred to local medical centers, and finally at the Thessaloniki Papanikolaou Hospital, where he underwent a surgical operation at his head.

Unfortunately, mechanical support is still necessary for his vital organs to function. According to the doctors he has no chance to recover and will either die, or will go into vegetative state, should anyone concerned allowed for his disconnection from the support machinery.

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