Mexico: Autonomous Cells for Propagation of the Anti-authoritarian and Anti-speciesist Off


"Because of coordination that took place between groups with the goal of organized direct action in Mexico State as well as in Mexico City, from May 18 to 19 the following sabotages were carried out:

- A BBVA bank was attacked, smashing the windows.
- An incendiary device was placed on top of an ATM belonging to another BBVA bank, leaving it completely melted and unusable and a note was left claiming the action.
- The windows of another BBVA bank were smashed with hammers (
- Red paint was spilled on the windshield and the hood of a truck belonging to the Lala milk company

These actions are done in solidarity with prisioners, human and non-human (animals), some imprisoned for putting into practice their anti-authoritarian ideals and others imprisoned for simply being another species, but both are victims of the dominant system.

Ante na doume, kai sta dika mas...!

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