Thodoris Iliopoulos case: Lawyer arrested while expressing solidarity to hunger striker

GREECE: a lawyer was arrested in Athens while expressing her solidarity to Thodoris Iliopoulos, imprisoned hunger striker who was arrested during the December 2008 revolt and denies all charges against him.

Lawyer Marouska Spiraki (Μαρούσκα Σπυράκη) was arrested while she was putting on posters and slogans in solidarity with hunger striker Thodoris Iliopoulos (Θοδωρής Ηλιόπουλος) at the Evelpidon courts in Athens, Greece.

It’s a real arrest and not simply a presentation or bringing.*

There’s no more info atm.

Translated from Greek:

Note: the translation relies on the Greek text for its facts. There’s no independent verification.

Translator’s comments: we see how simply expressing your solidarity to a persona non grata in Greece can land you in a police station with cops over your head. That’s Greece where anyone who deviates from the mainstream role of consumer–worker is repressed and labelled a terrorist and an ‘enemy of democracy’.

*my translation of this word may be incorrect. The original is: προσαγωγη (prosagogi). It’s like an arrest but less serious. But the article clearly says this case is an arrest.

από " 18/08/2009 6:10 μμ.

pre-arrest detention, perhaps

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