Public building occupations in solidarity with the Nikaia 3 spread across the country

On October 17, an anarchist demonstration for the police assassination of Mohammad Atif Kamran in the Athens suburb of Nikaia was attacked by the cops. Asit was reported at the time, eight demonstrators were arrested and charged – five had charges under the “anti-hoodie law” introduced by in response to December’s revolt.

The response of the solidarity movement was instant. On the very same night of the demonstration the local Town Hall of Nikaia was occupied, demanding all the demonstrators’ immediate release. In the days that followed the occupiers left the Town Hall to occupy the Propylea building of Athens University instead. Yesterday, the administration building of the Chania Prefecture was occupied in Crete. Today (21.10) the Theatre School in Thessaloniki and the Administration of the Athens School of Economics (ASOEE) were added to the list.

Meanwhile, out of the 8 arrested demonstrators 5 have appeared before the attorney general and secured their release until trial – all but one on bail. The remaining three demonstrators are appearing before the attorney general tomorrow, Thursday 22.10. The occupations of the public buildings across the country are set to continued until all are free.

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