Announcement-Information from YFANET Fabric Squat
Attack against YFANET Fabric. Information from the Assembly.

 Close to 23:00 and while the YFANET Fabric Assembly used to take place, around 20 hooded fascists with pickets and helmets attacked against the squat. They tried to enter into the Assembly's room but they were successfully repulsed from comrades of us and then they tried to loot several parts of the squat.
 The damage that they caused was almost few, a burnt scooter, some furniture and other stuff. Some kids who were in the BMX-Ramps area were lightly beaten up. None of us is injured.
 Then around the area appeared different types of cops and meanwhile some people in solidarity with us started also gathering. The fascists disappeared. Between the cops and the people who gathered took place some few recriminations and sometime without any certain reason appeared the MAT (special pigs' forces) who attacked and threw quite a few teargas inside the squat.
 At this time there are too many people in front of Yfanet, more than 200 persons in a fellowship climate. Cops and fascists are gone missing.
 One girl, away from the building and as it seems suspect for solidarity, was brought by the bigs in the local pig station and reasonably she will be released later.
 A new assembly takes place right now and also anotherone is arranged for tomorrow at 18:00.

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