latest news, 21st March 2010


Sunday 21st March 2010


  • Gathering in front of Venna's migrants' "welcome" center by 100 leftists and members of No Border team, together with a big number of lawyers and doctors. The cops - special pigs' forces, civil pigs, common pigs, etc - attacked the protesters without any reason. As a result, blood ran again from two protesters' heads and the cops blocked ILLEGALY the doctors and lawyers to enter the building and check the survival conditions inside. The special pigs' forces did not hesitate to throw also stones against the protesters and arrest three of them. The arrested persons were transferred to the town of Komotini, where also other people tried to travel but the busses were blocked by cops.


 - Video from the clashes in 1985, during the squat of the Chemistry University in Athens, when a punch of anarchists / authoritarians took seriously their political role and decided to bring in praxis their social rights after the murder of Michalis Kaltezas from a fascist cop. The shot was - for one more time in the historical chain of cop barbarities - on the back side of Michalis' head. On the pictures of the video is filmed the time of cops' violent attack against the squatters after the smashes of several bank agencies.

 Historically, we face the same practical methods of authorities through the pigs' repression attacks reminding of cold war's times. The big political and economical "change" of the authorities is born in reality with the murder of one more human because of political reasons:




- Μax Κeizer on the Greek Debt Crisis. "...Chase away the financial terrorists of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street ..." :



Jayati Ghosh about the economical crisis in Greece :


από english-speakin lad 22/03/2010 11:12 πμ.

στην αρχή έχεις γράψει anarchists/authoritarians αντί για antiauthoritarians...κοινώς...αναρχικοί/εξουσιαστές

από rosso negro 22/03/2010 1:23 μμ.

... που ειδες το λαθος. Προφανως το σωστο ειναι antiauthoritarians.

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