Umüt killed by police: demonstration

Demonstration in the memory of Umüt, killed by police,in Switzerland. Freedom for Erdal and Yunus!

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Demonstration in the memory of Umüt, killed by police.
Freedom for Erdal and Yunus!

Gathering in Lausanne, on May 6th, 7 pm

    „Facing a bloody repression, which is seemed to be accepted by the population, we call to react.

    Sunday April 18, Umüt, 18 years old, a young from Vaulx-en-Velin [Lyon, France], has been killed by police. After the thied of three cars at a car-dealer, cops organized a real mousetrap; they totaly blocked the high-way and removed potential witnesses. The car where Umüt and Yunus were found itself with the four tyres punctured, when passing on spikes and stopped on a security fence.
    And yet, one of the two cops on the roadblock opened fire seven times with a submachine gun, adjusted to operate one shot after another, and aiming obviously the people. He passegner, Umüt, has been killed by a bullet in his head. THe driver has been arrested immediatly. Nobody had guns! The cop who opened fire has been heard by a magistrat, and came back to work two days later.

    At the same time, Umüt twin brother has been arrested also. He came with his family to Switzerland to take back his brother body. The Swiss authorities didn‘t even allow him to be present at the funeral, the day after. And at the moment, he’s still in prison!

    In one month only, we assist to three murders, Umüt, Skander Vogt in his burning cell and Joseph Nduaku Chiakwa in the plane that was supposed to send him back to Nigeria against his will. In these cases again, the only points that appear, are the promotion of the Police action and the repression.

    The murder of Umüt ( barely considered as a blunder) is a logical continuity of a political will to stigmatize an ennemy. A xenophobic and ultra-safed atmosphere is fed by the media. The fear and the insecurity created by the capitalist and authoritarian system can then fantasize culprits: for example the thieds and immgrants, who are naturally theifs ( „if they do not steal cars, they steal our work“). Cops shoot non-stop at thiefs, prison guards and judges let people die in jail ( in reality or in a metaphorical sens).

    We call for solidarity, in the memory of those who died, and in support to the prisoners. Mort aux vaches!“

    Gathering May 6th, at 7 pm, Saint-François place, Lausanne


    This call has been spread on both sideds of the border, in France and Switzerland.
    In April 24th, in Lyon, 300 youth walked the streets silently in his memory.


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