Schedule of speeches and public discussions of the Direct Democracy Festival

Thessaloniki, 8 - 9 - 10 September 2010 in the Aristotle University Campus

in the path of freedom against the crisis of the bosses

with Direct Democracy
for Social Antiauthority

Wednesday 8th of September
the outlet from the crisis

18.00 : Crisis in the workplace. From the traditional trade unionism to the autonomous workers' struggles.
Lars Rφhm (Freie Arbeiterinnen-und Arbeiter-Union, FAU, Germany)
Thodoris Theodoropoulos (antiauthoritarian newspaper "Babylonia")
Kostats Haritakis (newspaper "Drasi")

20.00 : Global Crisis and Economical crisis. A crisis in the meaning of capitalism.
Epaminontas Skiftoulis(Antiauthoritarian Movement of Athens)
Peter Bohmer (Economist, ZNet, Evergreen State College, USA)
Jelle Bruinsma (Griekenland is overall, Netherlands)

Thursday 9th of September
antiauthoritarian economy

18.00 : Agriculture & Energy of emancipation. Horizontal relationships in production and consumption process.
Federico Demaria (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain)
Giorgos Foufas (Libertarian Movement of Corinth)
Κ. Hatoupis (Farmer, Zemeno of Corinth)
Claudio Cattaneo (Occupied Farm Can Masdeu, Barcelona, Spain)

20.00 : De-growth, Antiauthoriatarian Economy and the Exodus from Capitalism
Dimitris Konstantinou(publisher of the magazine "Nihtegersia")
Peter Bohmer (Economist, ZNet, Evergreen State College, USA)
Μarisa de Fatima Luz(Secretary of the landless movement in Brazil, MST)
Spiros Marketos (Asst. Professor of History, School of Political Sciences AUTH)

Friday 10th of September
local self-institutions

18.00 : From the local self-institutions to the generalised self-management.
Nikos Ioannou(Nationwide movement against the diversion of the river Achelous)
Eirik Eiglad (Editor of the journal Communalism, social ecologist, Norway)
Marc Tomsin (Editions Ludd and Rue des Cascades, France)
Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo (Mayor of Marinaleda, Andalusia)

20.00 : Direct Democracy and Social Overthrow.
Sergio Ghirardi (Essayist, editor and translator, Italy)
Berhouz Safdari (Sociologist, Iran)
Grigoris Tsilimantos(Antiauthoritarian Movement of Thessaloniki)
Raoul Vaneigem (he will be present and will intervene by text)

The public meetings/discussions that begin at 18:00 will take place in the ampitheatre of the new wing of the Philosophy Department and the other ones which start at 20:00 will take place in the Theology Department of the Aristotle University.

(intersection of Egnatia Str. - Aggelaki Str. - Ethnikis Aminis Str.)

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