(en) Argentia, Bariloche, Urgente!!!!!!!

(en) Argentia, Bariloche, Urgente!!!!!!!

‘‘‘‘‘Solidaridad Urgente!!!!!!!‘‘‘‘‘ Compaρero preso!!!!!! Miguel Angel Mansilla, 28 years old, is an active militant anarchist of the Unemployed Workers Movement (M.T.D.) of the neighborhood of "The Second of April" on the outskirts of the city of Bariloche in Argentina. He was one of the young men who formed the M.A.L.O. (the Anarchist Movement of Workers Liberation). Since the M.A.L.O. was organized it has not ceased to be a problem for the local government. That government initiated a "legal" campaign of criminalization - and combined it with illegal activities, beatings, and attacks with lead-bullets! On Saturday, 21 June 2003, at approximately 11 o'clock in the morning, the provincial police of Bariloche violently burst into the house where Miguel Angel Mansilla and his wife and their three children were living. Immediately, without any explanation, he was arrested and transferred to the local City Hall where they stripped him, struck him repeatedly, and have maintained him incomunicado for a number of days without water and without food. The excuse for this arbitrary detention had not been communicated to his relatives and friends. Now, Miguel Angel Mansilla has been accused of Armed Robbery and Intentional Homicide. The case has been placed in the hands of the Judge Baquero Lascano, the N° 2 Judge of the city. After keeping Miguel in prolonged isolation, he was brought to a line-up where he was not identified, the supposed witness was contradicted and disproved, and the paraffin-test did not incriminate him. Nevertheless, Miguel Angel Mansilla continues in detention, asking for our solidarity - that we act to bring pressure so that the Judge will determine his release within the "legal" time-limit of ten working days that concludes on Friday the 4th of July, 2003. There is an urgency to this call for solidarity because on Monday the 7th of July will begin an entire month of judicial recess, with the distinct possibility that Miguel Angel Mansilla will continue in detention at the risk of injury or death at the hands of the police - whose violence rules in the city of Bariloche, the so-called “CITY OF LIFE.” Do not suffer the persecution and criminalization of people who fight for liberty at the margins of political structures! We ask that all friends and comrades send immediate protests to the Judge N° 2 of the city of Bariloche at Telephone/Fax 02944–425391. The Judge in charge of the case is Baquero Lascano. Demand the immediate release of Miguel Angel Mansilla! Catherine McDonald, Tom Gilliam, Peter Freeman, Tom Carr, Sιamas Cain, and Juan Arroyo for ACTION_IWA Sociedad de Resistencia de Oficios Varios de la Comarca Andina - Patagσnia adherida a la F.O.R.A. (Federaciσn Obrera Regional Argentina) - A.I.T.

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