Statement of arrested anarchist Fee-Marie Mayer's mother, Barbara Mayer

The crime of Fei is solidarity and dignity.

I, Barbara Mayer, born on 03.06.1958 in Bad Waldsee, Germany, daughter of Rudolf and Anelize, am the mother of Fee-Marie Mayer who was arrested the day before yesterday.

With my present statement I clarify that I am not the Barbara Meyer that is accused of participation in the RAF, as well as that my divorced spouse, Volfgang Mayer of Heinrich, is not her murdered husband. Something that is easily proved, since he lives and works in Germany.

Yesterday with disappointment and rage I watched a great deal of news on television, as well as various electronic news pages. I do not know how and why certain journalists decided to misinform that the parents of my daughter are wanted or dead terrorists. I call them detractors and spreaders of false news. All my life I have been a peaceful person. I will not calm down however, until certain journalists are led to Justice, they recall publicly what they said and they clean the mud that they have thrown.

I intend to move all legal procedures, civil and penal, and to disturb their calm lives. Such persons perceive the consequences of their actions only when they themselves are drawn to face justice.

Finally I declare with pride, that I am not only the mother, but also a good friend of my daughter. I do not know what the legal file that has been made against her contains, I know however very well that she is an anarchist and not a terrorist. Those that use their position completely irresponsibly in order to stigmatize anyone as a terrorist, those that are not ashamed to destroy the life of my daughter, they are the ones who terrorize.

Thessaloniki, 16th January 2011

Barbara Mayer”

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