Text from Dimitris Michael

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Text from Dimitris Michael


 On the 4th of December, in the frame of the political “witch-hunting”, took place a Hollywood-type production having as producers the (anti-)terrorist unit, the Mass Media and as guest-stars five anarchist comrades and mine. During a movie-show, while houses turn into “hide-outs”, books to “illegal press”, the friend and comrade relationships to fabrication “of terrorist organizations”, the struggling people to “monsters thirsty for blood”. And of course the following recipe is simple. There is no need for real evidences to put someone in a “great democratic” cell. Any anarchist-struggling person that has a friend, comrade, relative relationship or has ever stepped in the house of a supposed “terrorist” becomes her/himself guilty until and if the opposite will be proved. By the way, they did not hang back from reaching the point of creating fake relationships and contacts. I refer to the arrest and pre-jailing of the anarchist comrade Christos Politis.


 More analytically, the chronicle of my arrest until my pre-jailing:


 To start with, at 20:00 on Saturday 4th of December I get led to the Police Station of Siteia town under the pretense of verifying my identity. After two hours, they inform me that some of their co-operators have arrived from Athens and ask to give them a DNA taste, thing that I was negative to. After some time, eighteen police officers lead me to the house where I used to live in order to collect evidences (cigarette filters, straws for drinking, empty beer bottles, note-books, mobile-phones etc). During all this period I was asking to be informed if I was accused for something and so to communicate with a lawyer. Their continuously answer was that “it will also happen, we will tell you later”. After the finish of the investigation in my house I get led again to the Police Station of Siteia, where they announce that there is an arrest-warrant against me without telling me for which certain reason I am accused for and from there they transfer me handcuffed to Athens and specifically on the 12th floor of the Antiterrorist Authority at 09:00 on Sunday 5th of December. Inside there they keep me as a hostage handcuffed on my back and standing still staring at the corner of a wall for five up to six hours. Sometime, they take me in another room to take my finger-prints, where I refuse to give them. Back again the office I was before, this time with the presence of two men without full-face hoods in order to have “a friendly discussion”. They were asking me about several indefinite things, about my past, about several persons familiar or unknown of mine. My answer was that I do not want to discuss with them and that I want a lawyer next to mine. After an hour, appears a man who was named as chief from the rests and he starts throwing an amount of moronic lies against my face according to the style “that are everywhere finger-prints of mine in several houses and on many weapons”, places and items that about their existence I never knew before, and “that it would be good for me to speak out, after my comrades had already pleaded guiltiness for my participation in the organization” and several other bullshit. Of course, my answer was “Say whatever you want, I do not have anything for you to tell”. Then, I get led to an office in the near, from where they wrote a ridiculous paper-sheet with the heaviest fake-constructed accusations and from there I took the direction to the courts.


 After I took a double two-days-delay of apologize, since my trial-graph came at the last holdup moment in my hands, came the moment to recognize the forwarder roles of the investigator and the prosecutor who were deaf to all what I was refusing or saying since the methodized scenarios of the cops (5 telephone conversations and three dates with friends) joint to the tele-cannibalism of the Mass Media were enough for my pre-jailing in Trikala’s jailhouses.


 Of course, the event above is not either first-appearing or surprising to mine. It is a standard tactic of the ruling class with the Mass Media as allies for backbiting, disfiguring, revenging and illegalizing the social struggles, the friendly and comrade relationships of struggling persons but also the wider Movement for the over-thrown of capitalism from anarchists in which Movement I do participate in. Especially in times like the present ones! While the government, the state, the capital, the mass media, the mechanisms of guidance, enforcement and repression are fiercely agonizing for safeguarding the social peace and consistency opposite to the perspective of a massive social revolt or revolution, in times like the ones today while it is taking place the biggest looting-transfer of the social wealth from the base to the top of social hierarchy under the coverage of the global economical crisis and under the stipulations of the memorandum imposed by the global loan-sharks of International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank.


 During a season while the government-rob-gang is methodically approaching day by day the looting of the workers’ income, the abolition or scorn of the working and insurance vested interests which have been brought in reality by bloodshed struggles during the past, always after the orders of foreign and local forces of the capital in Greece and the European Union and in the meanwhile legalizing the violence against protesters, the arrests and pretrial jailing, the mass media’s campaign that is targeting persons and holding them up for public ridicule, struggling people who never learned how to bow their head and are keeping offensive position against the system.





Dimitris Michail

Trikala Jailhouses

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