ena endiaferon arthro apo, an katalaba kala, norbhgous anarxikous

brhka auto sto diktyo kai mou ekane entypwsh giati prospathei na diaxwrisei tous anarxikous apo tous mpaxalobious se tetoio bathmo wste na leei oti den prepei na onamazoume anarxikous alla "authoritarians" kai "ochlarchists" osous ekanan ta mpaxala se seattle, gketemprorgk, genoba ktl. pros akoma megalyterh ekplhksh mou anaferei kai ta gegonota ths ellhnikhs proedrias sto telos. kanei kai syntomes perigrafes orwn opws "anti-capitalist", anti-imperialist", anti-goverment, "class war". mias kai den exw eks idian peira apo ton anarxiko xwro sto ekswteriko kai h monh eikona pou mporw na sxhmatisw einai apo keimena san auto kai syzhthseis, to brhka eksairetika endiaferon. shtw prokatabolika sygnwmh pou den exw ton xrono na to metafrasw. oloklhro brisketai sth http://www.anarchy.no/anarchy/apt.html ANARCHISM VS OCHLARCHY (MOB RULE) IN GENOA BROWN CARD TO BERLUSCONI, ETC. ANARCHISTS AGAINST OCHLARCHY (MOB RULE) AND OCHLARCHIST INFILTRATION We have seen enough of criminals, police provokers, mislead kids and others doing ochlarchy (mob rule) broadly defined, i.e. ochlarchists, infiltrating the anarchist movement, during the history, making trouble of various kinds for the anarchist movement and thus real progress in society. A firm stand against these ochlarchist infiltrators to the anarchist movement, being it police provokers, criminals and/or mislead kids or others, is a necessity for obvious reasons. The anarchist movement should of course not get mixed up with ochlarchists as we really have nothing to do with this sort of doings and persons. This means among other things expulsion of the ochlarchist infiltrators from the anarchist movement, via the independent and autonomous International Anarchist Tribunal giving expelling Brown Cards in relevant cases, and followed up by expulsion of ochlarchists from anarchist arrangement as, say, congresses, demonstrations and actions, a.o.t. via internet, press releases and newsletters and websites. It is extremely and especially important that the official anarchist websites, among others the APT-files, take a firm stand against the ochlarchist infiltrators to settle things right and show the media and the people in general where the anarchist movement officially and generally stands in this case, not to get mixed up with the ochlarchists, because that may be extremely harmful to our movement, regarding say recruitment, public relations and influence, as a movement mixed up with ochlarchy and ochlarchists will never be taken seriously as a political social movement of alternatives and improvements to the existing more or less bad, inefficient and unfair economical-political systems, it will only be seen as an even worse alternative. Several media have called the riots and mob rule at the G8 and other "top-meetings" in Seattle, Prague, Gothenburg and Genoa, as well as at the May Day demonstrations in Berlin and London and similar events, for "anarchy", and also called the rioters "anarchists". Behind these riots are so called anti-capitalists, some marxist groups (as, say, the IS - International Socialists connected to the British Socialist Workers Party, Trotskyites and Maoists), some fascists (painting Jewish stars on the walls, national socialists, neonazis and fascists), criminals, and so called autonomous groups (marxists), punks and similar - sometimes in so called "Black Blocs/Blocks", highly hierarchical organizations on the streets, and sometimes misusing anarchist symbols, waving the black flag and painting the @-sign of anarchists. These so called anarchists are inspirated by the authoritarian travesty of anarchy as chaos, disorder and mob rule; promoted, say, in the punk song "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols - where "anarchy" is equal to chaos and ochlarchy, and "anarchist" is an evil (Antichrist) destroyer, and thus are not anarchists at all according to the Oslo-convention. Anarchy, i.e. in short "no rule(r/rs)" is not ochlarchy, i.e. mob rule(r/rs). To take such "free" artistical expressions and metaphores of punk-rock groups as the Sex Pistols, only reflecting authoritarian travesties of anarchism, anarchist, and anarchy that you may find in almost any of the authoritie's and establishment's dictionaries, as a documentation on truth, and take it literally as a political program, i.e. just what a Swedish anarchist called "är ganska pucko", see http://www.anarchy.no/astrid.html . These "anti-"groups are all located from semi-libertarian marxism towards authoritarian socialism and fascism on the economic-political map, dependent on how ochlarchic and chaotic they are, and none of them are significant anarchist. Generally speaking, persons who are so alienated that they identify with the authoritarian travesty of anarchy, anarchist and anarchism, have of course no connection to anarchy, anarchism or the anarchist movement. The basically marxist idea that the way from the present established more or less disorder, i.e. lack of freedom, equality, solidarity etc., in anarchist direction, i.e. towards a higher degree of social order, via mystical marxist dialectics can be reached by creating oclarchy and chaos in the name of "anticapitalism etc.", is so morbid that it cannot be discussed seriously, just generally rejected. Generally speaking, to believe that creating chaos will in a mystical marxist dialectical way create order, is absurd. Ochlarchy is authoritarian and it contributes usually to even more authoritarina systems. And, generally speaking, a small group of "enlightened" persons, doing "liberating" terrorism or violent ochlarchy on behalf of a "highly alienated" people, who are not supposed to know their own good, are highly authoritarian, i.e. despite of what these "radicals" may call themselves. Such symbolic acts only make people more alienated, enforce the authoritarian travesty of anarchy, anarchism and anarchists, and contribute to more authoritarian societies, i.e. a higher degree of statism and/or capitalism. The authoritarian tactic of making chaos and ochlarchy, falsely renaming it anarchy, and (later) call for the "strong man" is well known. Thus, such acts is, and only contribute to, authoritarian changes in the socio-economical and/or -political/administrative structures, broadly defined. And thus, they are contra-revolutionary acts, contributing to authoritarian revolutionary changes, not anarchist revolutionary changes. It is not the outspoken aim that counts. The real aim is the consequences of the use of the means involved, not some ideological manifesto with good intentions. Aims in ideological manifestos may be "anticapitalist", "anti-imperialist", "antistatist", "antiglobalization" and similar with good intentions, but this is not relevant. The real aims are always the consequences of the means that are used, and nothing else. What such small "anti-"group activities and symbolic acts are called, i.e. a) "anticapitalist", (a term mainly used by marxists, they are in a way opposed to capitalism, but not statism: Marxists will change the system to the left and downwards on the economical political map, while anarchists will move the system towards the middle and upwards. They have a communist ideal with no economical classes, but they do not account for classes of political/administrative rank. Although the marxists talk about an ideal with "no State", this consept of state is defined in economic terms. Thus they agree on the principle "from each according to ability, to each according to needs" but still think about a centrally planned economy and a hierarchical party. This is just a political/administrative state in anarchist science. Furthermore, in practice this centrally planned economy and party state will generate considerably income hierarchy, i.e. capitalist (plutarchist) tendencies. If the plutarchist tendencies according to nomenklatura and similar become the significant, the system will become fascist in real terms. Thus, it is neither unity of ideals, theoretically and practically, nor means to reach the aims, between marxists and anarchists. And thus, it exists no common "anticapitalist unity" as the marxists suggest. Anarchists prefer to talk about socialist and non-capitalist actions, to avoid getting mixed up with marxists. Furthermore, both socialism and autonomy should be taken into account in anarchist actions. The term "anti" is not an anarchist concept, it is typically the concept of marxist dialectics, i.e. "thesis, antithesis, synthesis", a quasi-scientific "formula" with no scientific value. The dialectical idea that the "formulas", say, capitalism - "anticapitalism" - socialism, or statism - "antistatism" - autonomy, are valid, is far from the truth. In fact violent symbolic anti-capitalist and/or antistate actions usually will promote more statism and capitalism. Typically violent "class war" ochlarchy from commies and nazis before the 2nd World War in Germany, contributed to legitimate dictatorship. It would not have been much better if the commies had taken the dictaturship. Thus, anarchists prefer the concept "non", as in non-authoritarian, non-government, non-capitalist, non-statist, etc. The change of system in progressiv, anarchist, direction goes not dialectical via "anti-everything" and ochlarchy and chaos, this just leads to legitimate more authoritarian rule. It means just a small or larger change in the co-ordinates of the system, all the time towards higher order, more fairness and efficiency, and fulfillment of the other anarchist principles, less rank- and income-differences etc. i.e. less plutarchy, monarchy, oligarchy, polyarchy, ochlarchy and chaos, steady and with firmness. It may perhaps sometimes be tough, but significant ochlarchy, chaos and similar authoritarian tendencies, symbolic acts, and not organizational progressive change, should be avoided. Anarchists also use the term "negation of", but never alone. The negational principles must always be seen together with the other anarchist principles, to get a meaningful concept, as, say, in the IFA-principles. There is however one exception, i.e. the principle of antimilitarism. This means only that if anarchists and the societies they live in are violently attacked by authoritarians , i.e. militarism broadly defined, then antimilitarist armed struggle may be introduced in selfdefence, proportional to what is necessary to achieve peace, but not more violent. In such cases the whole strategic picture must be taken into account, and the establishment of alliances with relatively democratic forces must be considered, to fight militarist ultra-authoritarians. In the Spanish civil war, the lack of sufficient alliances, resulted in a defeat for the relatively democratic and anarchist forces. The fascists and their allies won, also helped by Stalinist treason, and sat by power to the international megatrend towards less authoritarian societies put an end to fascism in Spain soon after the death of Franco. This is a lesson anarchists must never forget.), b) "anti-imperialist" (imperialism is a marxist and obsolete concept with little or no relevance today. The British empire and Russian Soviet empire are no more existing, and USA have never been a significant colonial power. There are however supranational statism & capitalism, and multinational enterprises based on capitalism; these are anarchist concepts, and they must not be mixed up with the marxist concepts and theories, which are propaganda and statism ideology. The term "anti-globalization" is sometimes used in a same way as "anti-imperialism", only it is a more vague concept. Anarchists are internationalists and thus in a way for globalization, but against supra-nationalism and nationalism, anarchism is based on the countries world wide, i.e. the anarchist international is based on one federation in each countryl), c) "antigovernment" (also sometimes called anti-authority or antiauthoritarian , i.e vague concepts, that can be used by any political group who are opposed to the established authorities, - marxist, fascist and liberalist included. Two groups of extreme liberalists may be mentioned alltough they were not active in Genoa and Gothenburg. One is the conservative blue&brown antigovernment tendency, mainly in the USA, with the late Oklahoma-bomber. Another is the extreme right blue&brown tendency, sometimes wrongly called "anarcho"-capitalists, with, say, the Swedish Olympian-bomber. They are opposed to the political-administrative state in a way, especially the established central administration, but often mix up government with public sector, and do not account for plutarchy and economical hierarchies in general. Thus, they are not anarchists. And, thus, it exists no "antigovernment unity". It may also be mentioned that Bakunin's faction in the 1st International at first used the vague term antiauthoritarian, but later changed the name to anarchists, similar to P. J. Proudhon, to avoid misunderstandings), d)"class war" (another typical marxist concept, used by, say, RAF (Baader-Meinhof) in Germany and BR in Italy. In fact it exists at least seven significant social classes of rank and income, not two, i.e. the division in "people" and "authorities" are a simplification. The "people" defined as the persons with relatively lowest rank and income are usually only a small part of the population, sometimes called the marginalized. As a small group of the people broadly defined, this group must appeal to the solidarity of the rest of the people, to get better off. They usually do not have the recourses to free themselves alone. Hard and violent actions will usually only increase the coercion and marginalization. The people broadly defined, as a probable clear majority of the population, includes both the low and middle income classes, as well as the autonomous class of rank, i.e. selfemployed on individual and co-operative basis and relatively independent and educated consultants and similar functionaries in the hierarchic enterprises without subordinates, and a relatively free position vis-à-vis the superiors, in public and private sector, and the "bottom line" skilled and non-skilled workers, houseworkers, and lower functionaries in the hierarchic enterprises in private and public sector. Furthermore the unemployed, persons with disability and partial incapacity, old, sick, students and political prisoners, are among the people. The authorities are the relatively rich (plutarchists) and the political/adminstrative rulers, the top and lower commanding officers within the hierarchical enterprises in public and private sector, criminal (mafia, ochlarchists, terrorists etc.) or not, i.e. to put it simple, the bureaucracy economically and/or political/administratively broadly defined. Some of these non criminal, may be idealists and be solidaric with the people, and thus in a way, at least ideologically, also be a part of the people, not the upper classes. The anarchist prince, Pjotr Kropotkin, is a well known example of an idealist. Some of the people may be solidaric with the upper classes, say, perhaps in the purpose of climbing in the hierarchies, and thus be among the ramifications of the bureaucracy. Thus, there are rarely a unity between the people. The classes of the people have different interests, both seen as classes and as individual members of the classes. Many people love their leaders, or look at them as a necessary more or less evil. The relations between the classes, and the people broadly defined vis-à-vis the upper classes, may have a structural form of hard repression, less repression, and elements of co-operation with more or less coercion. Thus, the hierarchy ( if any) may be organized more or less from the bottom upwards, or from the top to the bottom. A class-analysis must also take into account these relations between the classes, not only the class structure in a narrow sence. Thus a given hierarchy may also be more or less authoritarian, dependent on how authoritarian the relations between the classes and the persons are. And thus, performance must be included in the concept of structure. These relations of performance may be from ultra to less authoritarian to more or less co-operative, with small rank and/or income differences, i.e. the system may work more or less from the bottom and upwards, or the opposite, from the top towards the bottom. Thus, there are two ways of making the system less authoritarian, 1. To change the hierarchy economical and/or political/administrative, in horizontal direction. 2. To change the relations between the people within a given hierarchy, in horizontal direction, i.e. less authoritarian. The anarchist ideal has 100% horizontal organization, i.e. 100% socialism and autonomy, no hierarchy, and no authoritarian relations between people, and no authorities political/administrative and economically, and no disorganization. Furthermore a revolutionary change in anarchist direction is about changing the social structures of positions and organization towards more socialism and autonomy, less rank and income differences, more efficiency and fairness, and taking into account the IFA-principles, the Oslo-Convention and anarchist human rights, i.e. significant. It is not about liquidating the persons in the upper classes. Thus the term "class war" is quite misleading. And generally speaking, the more civil war, the less revolution in a progressive way. Street ochlarchy is not anarchist. A self styled "class war", introduced by a small group "on behalf of the people or the masses" is, as mentioned above, authoritarian and not anarchist. Anarchists use the word "fight", sometimes "struggle", but not "class war", and they are fighting for changing the economical and political/adminstrative organization, the structure of positions and relations, not against persons and other resources. A selfstyled, private war against the symbols of the system, typically in a way that people in general don't want - often because they know this will legitimate more authoritarian rule, is thus a hopeless task, and has nothing to do with working class struggle. Anarchists are peaceloving people, principally neither pacifists nor terrorists. Violence is an evil, and should be used as little as possible. A violent, ochlarchical society is not anarchist. To "remove the boss" is usually not doing very much good. Without changing the organizational structure in horizontal direction, the old boss will just be replaced by a new one, and often even more authoritarian, especially if the first one is removed with violence. See also http://www.anarchy.no/a_e_p_m.html and search for "fog" og "wannabe" to understand what "fog-arch" and "wannebe libertarian" mean in this context. Working class struggle is really only about changing the social organization in libertarian direction, and that can only be done by changing the de facto organizations, not by attacking symbols of the system and destruction of valuable resources. There is very little social organization in the street, except traffic, so to think streetfighting and destruction of buildings will change the social organization is quite stupid. Social organization is mainly at the workplaces, housing, culture and the political organizations and system, not in the streets. The only social organization in the streets of interest, is some of the traffic system, and it is not possibly to improve that in a progressive direction by street fighting. In fact streetfrighting is bad for the traffic, and the traffic system is a political question. It is not decided in the stree, but on the political arenas. The purpose of a street demonstration is influence on the system in a progressive direction. The politicians however are not very impressed by ochlarchy and chaos, but in loss and gain of votes around the elections, popularity in the polls, etc. Small groups doing private ochlarchical "war" on the symbols of the system is thus not doing "class war" and "class struggle" as they may believe themselves in their twisted minds, just doing ordinary petty crimes making a chaos and ochlarchy that most of the people are not interested to have. Some people with humor have called the State, i.e. authorities, the "ass". Then such small false "class war" ochlarchy groups are just "pimples on this ass", and if being terroristical and worse, they are just "assholes", real political brownies. e)"quasi-political hooligans" (These are marxistoid, fascistoid and other capitalist groups and individuals doing ochlarchy, chaos and/or theft, and thus are located below the 67% authoritarian degree on the economical-political map). f) or similar, - may all be considered "anticapitalist" and/or "antistatist", i.e. opposed to the established government, political/adminstrative and/or economically, in a way. But they have nothing to do with anarchy, anarchist(s) and anarchism, i.e. whatever they may be called, it doesn't matter: The fight for anarchist revolutionary changes, i.e. significant changes in the social organization mainly of the political/administrative rank and the economical remuneration systems and structures in the society; significant changes of the coordinates of the system on the economical political map in progressive anarchist direction, i.e. towards both more socialism and autonomy, via, say, i ) direct democratic actions of different kinds, ii) making co-operatives and similar, iii) actions at the place of work and even general strikes, iv) anarchist media and federation work, and v) other non-authoritarian acts, also including of course demonstrations in the streets and in front of embassies, however not ochlarchic and chaotic, and with clearly anarchist aims. International anarchists have a lot of experience of liberalist, marxist and fascist infiltration, punks and quasi-political hooligans included, in anarchist actions, but have so far managed to keep them out, calm, or at least not significant. These actions (i-v), are quite the opposite of symbolic violent ochlarchic and/or terrorist attacks on people, buildings, machinery and similar. These resources should be allocated in a more progressive, anarchist, way, not be destroyed. Thus, anarchy, anarchist and anarchism are not about destructive "anticapitalism" or "antistatism" and similar, but constructive work for more socialism and autonomy. To misuse anarchist symbols, and put up a vague protest against "state" and "capitalism" on a banner, has not anything to do with the fight for anarchism, anarchy and anarchist tendencies, i.e. changing the social organization in anarchist direction. These are the lessons of the Gothenburg, Genoa and similar events, and all of the experience from the fight for anarchism. (And these lessons are even clearer when we look to the aeroplane crash-bombings against the World Trade Center ("capitalism") and Pentagon ("state") in America.) The anarchist movement must never contribute to such violent symbolic acts. If anarchists do violent symbolic acts and terrorism, they will cease to be anarchists, i.e. they will be something else - authoritarians, and thus they become marxists, fascists or liberalists. Ochlarchy (mob rule) is not anarchy (without rule(r(s))), and mob rulers (i.e. authoritarians) are not anarchists. Thus, The International Anarchist Tribunal issues a Brown Card to these "autonomous anarchists" and similar, and to media calling them anarchists, and the riots and mob rule for anarchy. These so called autonomous groups and similar - authoritarians and "useful" idiots of authoritarians, - are not a part of the international anarchist movement, and the press should not call them so either. This Brown Card also goes to the British PM Mr Blair who blamed an "anarchists' travelling circus" for the violence. At the same moment the IAT gives a Black * Star to the media and governments that did not try to put the blame of the ochlarchy and chaos on anarchists and anarchism. Also the police contributed to the ochlarchy by violating human rights. They are getting a special Brown Card. A very special dark Brown Card goes to some cops in Genoa for killing one demonstrant in an ochlarchic way, and singing fascist songs. This demonstrant was not an anarchist. By the way, not all punks are authoritarian and ochlarchic! We remember the Norwegian satirical punk song "Feit Føderal Pønk" (Fat federal punk) released on the anarchist @-label in 1979, and played, say, a lot on French anarchist radio (Radio Libertaire) early in the 1980-ies, which promoted real anarchy. Don't forget the Oslo-Convention about anarchy vs chaos. 14.12.2001: Some marxist "autonomous" groups have misused the black flag, traditionally used by some anarchists, in ochlarchical "anticapitalist" and "antiglobalisation" demonstrations, the first violent protests in EU since 11 September 2001. These fake "anarchist" groups and the newsmedia calling them "anarchists" have got a Brown Card from the IAT. Ochlarchy is not anarchy and ochlarchists are not anarchists. The Brown Cards of course also means expulsion of the ochlarchist infiltrators, fake "anarchist" groups, from the anarchist movement. A special Brown Card goes to Silvio Berlusconi, for severely breaking the Oslo Convention related to a police provocation at the G8 demonstrations. Italian police planted two Molotov cocktails in a school where protesters were sleeping to justify a brutal crackdown during last year's G8 summit in Genoa (2001). A policeman has confessed that he planted the explosives following a year of acrimony over the handling of security at the summit where a protester was shot dead by the police. "I brought the Molotov cocktail to the Diaz school. I obeyed the order of one of my superiors," the 25-year-old unnamed officer told prosecutors investigating the summit. The Molotov cocktails were planted in the school to justify the police raids on the school, he said. His superior, Pietro Troiani, from a mobile police unit in Rome, is already being investigated after another colleague accused him of providing false information to justify the raids. At the time, the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, insisted that the raids proved that the school held violent anarchists who had wrecked the city. The presence of Molotov cocktails has been held up by the police as justification for their raids on the school. They were shown off to journalists along with a nail bomb, two sledge-hammers and a pickaxe, also said to have been gathered at the scene. The protesters who stayed at the school insisted that they were not involved in the violence which marred the summit. Ninety-three demonstrators were arrested during the raids on the Armando Diaz school on 21 July last year. Sixty-three of them reported serious injuries. Protesters have claimed that they were beaten unconscious by police, deprived of sleep, sexually harassed and denied prompt medical treatment. There is some confusion about the planting of the petrol bombs. Last week another policeman said that he had seen Mr Troiani bringing the explosives into the school wrapped in plastic. But video footage shot by protesters appears to contradict this, apparently showing a group of police officers holding the Molotov cocktails before the raid without the plastic. The government has defended the police action in the face of widespread criticism and an admission by the Genoa police chief that his officers used "excessive force". It has accused prosecutors investigating the police of bias towards the protesters. The Italian opposition has accused Mr Berlusconi's conservative government of "zero tolerance" towards the protest movement against the G8-meeting. Police were drafted in from around the country for the summit for which 250,000 protesters flocked to the city. Seventy seven officers are under investigation, including the policeman who shot dead a protester, but no one has lost their job. Amnesty International has condemned the lack of action by the government to bring the police to justice, pointing out that many incidents were caught on camera and were "undeniable". The organisation has accused the police of "arbitrary arrest and the use of torture and ill-treatment". There have been allegations that the police were well warned about the presence of specific violent elements among protesters but that these warnings were repeatedly ignored, leading to speculation that this was to allow officers free rein for violence. There are now at least 10 criminal investigations into what happened in Genoa. Magistrates have notified about 80 officers that they are being investigated for alleged crimes committed during the school raid, the street protests and at the Bolzaneto detention centre where, Amnesty International claims, about 200 protesters were tortured. Protesters have alleged that the police action was sanctioned by politicians and they have called upon the Deputy Prime Minister, Gianfranco Fini, of the National Alliance Party, to resign. (Source: Jessie Grimond in Rome - The Independent (GB) 30 July 2002). These Molotiov coctails are however only a tip of the iceberg. FAI/IFA and CNT/AIT have reported to the IAT etc about ca 500 neonazis collaborating with the Italian police and forming a so called Black Bloc making violent ochlarchy and riots and put the blame on anarchists. The purpose is of course the usual authoritarian trick, make chaos and ochlarchy, falsely rename it 'anarchy', put the blame on anarchists - throw shit on the idea of freedom an anarchism in general, make people afraid, and call for the 'strong man', arch and 'strong rule', making way for populism and fascism (or other authoritarian rule). That such a political system will only make more ochlarchy, repression and slavery for the people as opposed to the authorities and upper classes, people may easy forget. When people eventually understand that they are fooled - it may be too late... As we have said several times before, the anarchists had nothing to do with the violent ochlarchy, i.e. chaos, riots and looting in Genoa at the G8-event, and ochlarchy there and in general is quite the opposite of anarchy and anarchism. The Brown Cards of course also means expulsion of the ochlarchist infiltrators from the anarchist movement. P.S. There have been a few similar riots also after the 11.09.2001 terrorist event in USA, mainly in Barcelona, see http://www.anarchy.no/ija431.html and search for Spain. However there were not so much mixes of anarchism and anarchy with ochlarchy there and in the media. This is possibly a general trend related to 11.09 terrorist attacks, perhaps also a little bit as a result of the work at the IAT and the AIE, etc. However at May Day 2002, things are more back to "normal" again. "German, Australian and London, etc., "anarchists" are not anarchists, but ochlarchists, chaotic punks and similar type "national-anarchists", "anarcho-bolsheviks", marxist-lubbeists, supporters of RAF/Baader-Meinhof respectively IRA, or trotskyites posing as "anarchists", also marxian Industrial-WW members and their collaborationists, etc.," an IAT spokesman says. "None of these groups are anarchists, i.e. libertarian/libertaire." BBC and Euronews are mixing such authoritarian, ochlarchist groups with anarchists and anarchist protest several times, and get a Brown Card. No anarchistgroup behind violent G8 demonstrations. BROWN CARD No anarchistgroup behind violent anti-globalisation demonstrations and looting, i.e. ochlarchy (mob rule), in the Swiss Confederation and France related to the G8 meeting in Evian 01-03.06.2003! These acts of ochlarchy are done by ochlarchists, not anarchists altough anarchists were blamed for much of the violence by international media. Ochlarchists posing as 'anarchist youths' are not anarchists but simply ochlarchists, the opposite of anarchists. The IAT gives a Brown Card to these groups of ochlarchists and the newsmedia spreading disinformation, mixing them up with anarchists. The Brown Card of course also means expulsion of the ochlarchist infiltrators from the anarchist movement. No anarchists behind violent EU demonstrations in the Greek resort of Porto Carras. BROWN CARD There are no anarchists behind violent EU demonstrations in the Greek resort of Porto Carras (20.06.2003), i.e. ochlarchy (mob rule)! These acts of ochlarchy are done by ochlarchists, not anarchists altough "anarchists" were blamed for much of the violence by international media. Ochlarchists posing as 'anarchist youths' are not anarchists but simply ochlarchists, the opposite of anarchists. The IAT gives a Brown Card to these groups of ochlarchists and the newsmedia spreading disinformation, mixing them up with anarchists. See also Brown Card to Berlusconi above... The Brown Card of course also means expulsion of the ochlarchist infiltrators from the anarchist movement.

από Khayman 21/07/2003 7:40 πμ.

Επειδή το κείμενο ειναι τεράστιο (και κατα τη γνώμη μου εντελώς ασυνάρτητο σε αυτά που λέει) κάνω μια σούμα για όσους δεν γνωρίζουν αγγλικά. Οι σύντροφοι κάνουν έναν διαχωρισμό οσον αφορά τις βίαιες συγκρούσεις στους δρόμους σε Seattle, Γένοβα, Θεσσαλονίκη. Θεωρούν πως τέτοιυς είδους συγκρούσεις δεν γίνονται απο αναρχικούς αλλα απο "οχλαρχικούς". Εδώ κάνουν μια διάκριση και υπενθημίζουν το γνωστό anarchy is order (το αλφάδι και ο κύκλος) και τονίζουν οτι πίσω απο αυτές τις συγκρούσεις βρίσκονται στοιχεία τα οποία πρέπει να φύγουν απο τον αναρχικό χώρο με κάθε τρόπο. Μάλιστα θεωρουν πως τις συγκρούσεις τις κάνουν "εγκληματίες, προβοκάτορες (συχνά της αστυνομίας) και παραπλανημένα παιδιά". Αποφασίζουν να δίνουν καφέ κάρτα για να επιδείξουν την αποστροφή τους σε κάθε εκδήλωση "οχλαρχισμού" και ως εκ τούτου το κάνουν για τα γεγονότα του Εβιάν και της Θεσσαλονίκης. Για την περίπτωση της Θεσσαλονίκης γράφουν τα εξής (τελευταία παράγραφος για όποια/ον ενδιαφέρεται). "Πίσω απο τις βίαιες συγκρούσεις στο Πόρτο Καρρά δεν υπήρχε κανείς αναρχικός. ΚΑΦΕ ΚΑΡΤΑ. Με λίγα λόγια οχλαρχία (εξουσία του όχλου)! Αυτές οι οχλαρχικές κινήσεις γίνονται απο οχλαρχιστές και όχι αναρχικούς αν και τα διεθνή μέσα κατηγόρησαν τους "αναρχικούς" για το μεγαλύτερο μέρος των επεισοδίων. Οι οχλαρχιστές αυτοί που αυτοαποκαλούνται αναρχικοί νεολαίοι δεν ειναι αναρχικοί αλλα απλά οχλαρχιστές, το ακριβώς αντίθετο δηλαδή του αναρχισμού. Η IAT δείχνει Καφέ Κάρτα σε αυτές τις ομάδες οχλαρχιστών καθώς και στα μέσα για την παραπληροφόρηση, καθώς τους ταύτισαν με αναρχικούς. Η Καφέ Κάρτα φυσικά σημαίνει και αποβολή των οχλαρχιστών που έχουν διεισδύσει στο αναρχικό κίνημα." Το κείμενο δείχνει επίσης Καφέ Κάρτα στον Μπερλουσκόνι για την στημμένη επίθεση στο Diaz και αναφέρει στα ψιλά και τη δολοφονία "ενός διαδηλωτή" (που μάλλον ήταν οχλαρχικός όμως οπότε δεν πολυβολεύει να τον θυμόμαστε). Οι "οχλαρχικοί" χαρακτηρίζονται επίσης ως "αναρχοεθνικιστές", "αναρχομπολσεβίκοι", "λούμπεν-μαρξιστές" (αν το κατάλαβα καλά αυτό), υποστηρικτές της Baader-Meinhof και του IRA και τροτσκιστές που παριστάνουν τους αναρχικούς. Αυτά. ΥΓ : Οι σύντροφοι (τα εισαγωγικά κατα βούληση) είναι της ΙΑΤ αν κατάλαβα καλά;

από Γιάννης Εψιλον 21/07/2003 12:13 μμ.

Μετα την κίτρινη και κόκκινη κάρτα στο ποδόσφαιρο καιτην πράσινη κάρτα για τους μετανάστες έχουμε τώρα και την καφέ για τους χουλιγκάνους. Ουφ, θα κοιμάμαι ήσυχος επιτέλους. Νέες ιδέες για χρωματιστές κάρτες, ευπρόσδεκτες. Που ξέρεις, μπορεί να σκαρώσουμε και επιτραπέζιο παιχνίδι στο τέλος όπως αυτό με τους 52 καταζητούμενους Ιρακινούς αξιωματούχους.

από Αντιοχλαρχικός 21/07/2003 12:31 μμ.


από kartas 21/07/2003 1:04 μμ.

...και έχεσε τον κόσμο όλο! Ή αλλιώς : Μαγκέψανε τα περίπτερα και βάλανε ταμπέλα σούπερ μάρκετ. Χα,χα,χα! Μα καλά ποιοι είναι αυτοί; Τους ξέρει κανείς; Είναι καμιά οργάνωση που ασχολείται με τίποτα σοβαρό ή μόνο κάρτες και καταγγελίες βγάζει;

από Πορτο Καρριστής-Οχλαρχιστής 21/07/2003 3:21 μμ.

post image
Έχεις κανείς/καμία κάποια εξήγηση για το χρώμα της κάρτας που μας έβγαλαν οι σύντροφοι/ισσες; Δεν μου 'ρχεται κάτι!


από oxl 21/07/2003 3:33 μμ.

Stamatiste na mas kotsarete me tin kathe eykairia gia psilou pidima tis fotografies apo to Porto Karras kai Porto Lepas. Diladi kai ti egine pou katafere o enas ena xtypima stin aspida tou mpatsou kai o allos na plisiasei 20 metra apo tous mpatsous !!!

από κοπαδιστής 21/07/2003 3:38 μμ.

post image
Για όλα τα γούστα!


από Gadreel 21/07/2003 5:21 μμ.

Οι ochlarchist δεν ειναι καμια ανακαλυψη ουτε νεα ορολογια. Δεν ειναι βεβαια "οχλαρχικοι" αλλα οι γνωστοι μας οχλοκρατες απο την οχλοκρατία(mob rule) που προερχεται απο τον οχλο(mob).


από Gadreel 21/07/2003 5:25 μμ.

...κατα τα αλλα αναρωτιεμαι αν η νορβηγοι φιλοι μας ειναι καλυτεροι στην πολιτικη αναλυση η στην γλωσσοπλασια.

από Google Bini Anarchist 22/07/2003 10:18 μμ.

Τα ξέρω τα παιδιά.Άσχετα αν δε τ'αναφέρει το σαιτ τους,ασχολούνται περισσότερο με αναρχο-οικολογικά ζητήματα και άλλα τοπικά της περιοχής τους.Περίπου τα ίδια που κάνει κι ο εδώ "χώρος".Τίποτα αξιοπερίεργο. Νομίζω έχουν δίκιο με τον διαχωρισμό και χαίρομαι που υπάρχουν κι άλλοι αναρχικοί που σκέφτονται έτσι.Ευτυχώς,διότι πήξαμε στους ανεκδιήγητους μπάχαλους του α-λογου και της αμορφωσίας(ή απύθμενης απερισκεψίας;).Ο χώρος αρκετά τους ανέχτηκε και το @ κίνημα για να πάει σωστά μπροστά,πρέπει να αποφύγει την λαμπερή παγίδα του θεαθήναι,του δήθεν ενδιαφέροντος για τα κοινά,της μη κοινωνικής προσέγγισης παντού και του πυροθεάματος χάριν της ΤιΒί.Με τα μπουκάλια δε πάμε μπροστά.Ο κόσμος πείθεται και οργίζεται ευκολότερα με άλλους τρόπους και όχι με σπασίματα και μολότωφ...

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