Bolivia: Anarchists occupy the University

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Below a note from GRUPO ANARQUISTA REVUELTA which has occupied together with students and professors the biggest Bolivian university, to demand that the persecution against leftists cease. Both government and rector, knowing the last stand of anti-capitalist groups is the Social Communication Faculty have cracked down on this to extirpate any rebellious socialist seed from it. LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE NOT ALONE! Strike and occupation in Journalism Faculty , for teacher-student dignity and for regaining university autonomy. The hard fight the students and some professors have been carrying on in the Journalism Faculty in La Paz San Andrιs University, is at a turning point. Facing the authoritarian and fascist aggression from some university authorities with clear connections to political party interests, (they have only one purpose - total elimination of the last progressive and critical stand in the university) the radicalisation of the conflict becomes the only way out for a student sector that has suffered the total curbing of their liberties - from ignoring the decisions taken in assemblies to the imposing of a pseudo-student centre maintained only with the help of criminal groups, such as the one known as "cartel central", to the rector?s forging processes and threats of expulsion. After several weeks of a hunger strike, in which the dean himself participated, and in the face of the aggression, insensibility and total absence of any desire to arrive at a solution though dialogue an occupation of the place was decided by the students' self-defence committees, to avoid the lives of the hunger strikers being endangered: the picket #3 formed by students and professors and the picket "Domitila Chungara", by seven female comrade students. Their petition has, amongst other things, the following points: Suspension of the charges against professors and students, respect for the assembly as the maximum decision body, non- acknowledgement of the student centre building process (as it is just the rector?s creation), cancelling the fraud examinations, instituted with the aim of imposing lecturers from his political party (MNR) and respect for the autonomy and dignity of Journalism studies. We emphasize the negative role the university authorities are playing and the clear intentional, persecution purposes with our companions, professors and students, leftist sympathizers or activists, or just intellectuals who are critical of the system, such as the case with our anarchist companion Juan Perelman, Philosophy and History Professor and member of #3 picket. As we know the repressive brutality and the fascist mentality of the rector Taboada, we hold the university authorities responsible for any action perpetrated against the students and professors who are inside the Journalist Faculty Building. The health of the hunger strikers is beginning to deteriorate and there have already been two pickets that had to quit after nearly 15 days of hunger strike, a violent intervention against the remaining pickets would endanger the lives of our companions, who we see daily giving their vitality for dignity and autonomy. We strongly appeal to the international solidarity and to the libertarian internationalism to speak up against any violent intervention from the state repression forces as this fight is beyond the Faculty of Journalism and the student sector, as it includes workers, family fathers, foreign students and activists, all of them joined the self-defence committees as at any time an inhuman police aggression may happen. Long live the heroic hunger strike of the Journalism Faculty!!! Let?s stand against aggression to our companions and their lives being threatened!!! Never any aggression without answer, in the face of Rector Taboada?s fascism!!! Press release from the ?grupo revuelta?, part of the students self-defence committee. Write to:

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