53-year old demonstrator Dimitris Kotsaridis dies from police chemical warfare


LATEST UPDATE, 18.26: The 53-year old demonstrator was a member of the stalinist union, PAME. His name was Dimitris Kotsaridis. It is officially confirmed by the hospital's report that the 53-year old carried no head injuries as originally reported, and that he has died from inhaling an excessive amount of tear-gas shot by the police.


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από atgr 20/10/2011 7:21 μμ.

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At 16.45 this evening a 53-year old male was brought to our hospital by the Ambulance Service with no pulse, no breathing mydriasis and an isoelectric line in his cardiogram. He carried no wounds, yet the doctors’ attempts to resuscitate him proved fruitless.

από --- 20/10/2011 7:32 μμ.

It is not tear-gas, it's asphyxiant gas.

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