A Russian and Syrian anarchist joint statement

A Russian and Syrian anarchist joint statement

To the masses , oppressed and revolutionaries of Russian Federation and Syria ,

We , Russian and Syrian anarchists , as we see the infamous collaboration of both Russian and Syrian repressing regimes , and the support of the Russian ruling regime to the bloody crackdown of Assad regime against the Syrian revolting masses ; either in supplying arms and ammunition to Assad' forces or providing diplomatic protection to Assad' massacres against the revolting Syrians , we see this as a logical result of the similarity of the repressive and exploitative nature and structure of both regimes ; and as a part of their war against the oppressed of their own people . We , as anarchists and anti – authoritarians , condemn this infamous collaboration and the repressive practices of both regimes , and we call for a strong and brotherly solidarity between the repressed masses , revolutionaries and anarchist of both countries , in their struggle against the repressing elites in both countries .

Autonomous Action - Russia
Syrian Anarchist feminist movement
Syrian Anarchists

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