"Hands off the VOX social centre" -- statement by the social centre collective


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For an update on what happened this morning, see this post.


Today, April 20th, a mass of repressive forces accompanied by three attorneys cut off the entire Exarcheia area, awakening memories of the installment of the Junta in 1967. Immediately turning into practice, and for the first time, the order of the attorney of the High Court I. Tentes, and with the swift cooperation of attorney E. Raikou, they evicted and sealed off the Social Centre VOX, using this operation as a pilot and in order to send a clear message of repression of occupations and open social spaces where self-organised initiatives operate, as well as a repression of wider struggles using occupation as a means of struggle. VOX was the beginning.

Following blackmailing on the side of the attorneys, the administration of the Social Insurance Fund (IKA) sued against the occupied social centre VOX, offering in this way the formal legitimization of of an already decided eviction. Already, the social centre had been targeted, along with other occupations in the recent past, through questions of both memorandum-supporting and non-memorandum supporting MPs, these latter ones nevertheless were always being willing to offer their services to the “preserving of law and order”.

Regarding the misinformation of the side of Mass Media, which always aid such repressive attacks, triumphantly presenting them through live streams, setting up the well-know media spectacle and slandering social struggles: we have no obligation to respond to their delirium.

It is obvious that their aim is the repression of all social-political incentives that place in the epicentre of their discourse and their action the anti-hierarchical, self-organised, anti-establishment struggle; particularly in these days, when such incentives within a condition of totalitarianism comprise part of a network of multiform social resistance. In this context, in early 2012 individuals from the anarchist/anti-authoritarian space occupied the VOX building [abandoned ex-theatre and cafe --trans.] with the aim of transforming it into an open social centre.

This unprecedented repressive operation shall not go unanswered.

As a first move, we call for a gathering on Saturday at 6pm at Exarcheia square, where the scheduled concert of the VOX Social Centre will take place.

VOX shall either be an occupied social centre or it shall be nothing at all.

Hands off the occupations

Resistance – Self-organisation – Solidarity

Occupied Social Centre VOX

από late January 2012, Amerikis Square, Athens 21/04/2012 12:40 μμ.

Greece-In a new video published today the brutal beating of an immigrant by the Police was caught on camera by a resident from his balcony


In a new video published today the brutal beating of an immigrant by the Police was caught on camera by a resident from his balcony.

This video has not been recorded in Iran, Syria or Egypt. This has been recorded in the modern Greek (self-proclaimed) Democracy.

The place where democracy was born has turned into a political and economic dictatorship where politicians and the police are above the law. That is why you see so many fierce riots erupting so often. People do not give up, they are resisting and revolting against this modern junta.

See the video at http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=1393774

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