İstanbul: More than 60 detained for May 1 actions

In an operation that took place on 14th of May 2012, More than 60 people had been detained, who were claimed to participate in the May 1 actions against some company and bank offices. In the early hours of the day Sharing and Solidarity Association (Paylaşma ve Dayanışma Derneği), Revolutionist Anarchist Action (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet) in Kadıköy, 26 Collective's Cafe in Taksim, and several houses of activists and anarchists had been attacked by police forces and more than 60 people had been detained..

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Revolutionist Anarchist Action had published a statement that this morning at 05.00, Sharing and Solidarity Association, Cafe of 26 A Collective and houses of several anarchists had been targeted in a police operation. In Kadıköy, heavily armed and masked special police forces attacked Sharing and Solidarity Association,and the people inside the building had resisted the attack, afterwards they were detained and the computers, hard disks and documents inside were impounded.

Lawyer Muhsin Kemal Şimşek had announced that Filiz Meral Önder, who is 8 months pregnant had also been detained in the operation. Şimşek added that Filiz Meral Önder had not even participated the May 1 demonstration at all but she had been detained together with her husband. He also said "16. Heavy Penalty Court has a decision about the secrecy of the file. Because of this secrecy decision we can not even learn the names of the detainees, and we will only be able to talk with our clients tomorrow morning at 11.00."

Lawyer Şimşek added that they wiil have an objection against this secrecy decision and the arrests


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