Berlin: claim of responsibility for struggle in Greece

Last days some direct actions took place in Berlin, capital of hell. Some communiques talk about the struggle in Greece.

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In the night to November 8, a time work company in Berlin Friedrichshain was smashed.

The responsibility claim demands solidarity with the generalstrike that day in Greece and the upcoming european generalstrike November 14:

The same night an action against an office for gentrification in Berlin Neukölln demands solidarity with November 14 strike:

The same night some offices of municipal security management in Kreuzberg and Neukölln got smashed, also demanding solidarity with Generalstrike November 14:


A few days before, a jobmobile from the church was burnt, demanding to fight on November 14:


On November 7, some busses with workers from Belgium arrived in Cologne. The workers will loose their job in a Ford factory in Genk and stormed the Ford head office in Cologne, what caused some confrontations with police:


Last night a company was hit in Berlin by a group of unknown. 40 windows are destroyed. The group claims this as protest against upcoming european police summit in Berlin:



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