Demonstration in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat

Demonstration in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat

Last night, after the assembly in ASOEE (Athens University of Economics and Business),  where the presence of people in solidarity with Villa Amalias squat was massive, a spontaneous demo of around 1500 comrades took place and arrived in Victoria Square until the beginning of Heyden street, where they stood for a long time shouting slogans.
The  first hillarious provocation done by the cops of the regime  was the fact that they started appearing in the upper part of the Victoria Square in  order to play their well-known role οf 'readiness' . They got back our slogans against them as a response.
Then we marched to ASOEE , where the repressive forces made another movement  in order to terrorize the demonstrators  in Patission street  (van of the riot police etc) , to get the answer that they cannot break the power of so many people in solidarity and of course they cannot break down the morale of the comrades of Villa Amalias that were constantly with us.
The comrades that were arrested are ok (as ok as someone who's in detention may feel...)
We demand the immediate release and complete discharge of the Villa Amalias squatters (20/12)
Everyone tomorrow, 21/12, from 10.30 at Evelpidon Courts, where the state’s hostages will be on trial.


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