Solidarity from Kreuzberg to Istanbul

Berlin, Friday 7th June: At 22:30 in the district of Kreuzberg, a wild demonstration attacked riot police with molotv cocktails and stones. (source: )

About 40 people suddenly arrived at the square „Kottbusser Tor“ , area with lot of turkish and kurdish immigrants, shouting slogans for the uprising in Istanbul. They hang up a banner in solidarity with people on Taksim square when they recognized 20 riot officers who made a raid abainst the drug scene. Imideatlly the pigs and their van were attacked with stones and molotov cocktails. After this attack people escaped while police started a manhunt in this area. Police was supported by turkish fascist and ultra muslim groups, which work together with them also against 1st of May riots.

Two people were arrested but released the following day. Also house searches were made and the police investigates for „attempted murder“.


Police say two officers were injured and they ask for tourists in this area to help them with informations about the masked group.


Video, bad quality but you can hear the stones:


Media reports:


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