Antifascist worker and hip hop artist murdered by Golden Dawn nazis in Piraeus

Killah P Rest In Riot.

Pavlos Fyssas, a 34 year old antifascist and hip hop artist (Killah P), was murdered by Golden Dawn neonazis in Keratsini, a working class neighborhood in Piraeus. 
From eye-witness report: "Around 24:00 a group of 15-20 fascists, wearing black t-shirts and military pants and boots, was deployed on P. Tsaldari street. During that time, Killah P was walking with his girlfriend and another couple when he was spotted by the fascists shouting "what are you looking for here, you know there is no place for you in this hood". The fascists hunted the two couples down P. Tsaldari street towards Gr. Lampraki avenue, where from another street, a new group of around 10 fascists came out and surrounded the guys. At that time, a car drove opposite in an one-way street, stopped, the driver came out and stabbed Killah P once in the heart and once in the abdomen (the stabbing on his abdomen had an upside-down "L" shape).
The whole scene took place in the presence of DIAS motorbike police, that only afterwards and only as soon as most of the fascists had already dispersed, arrested the murderer (according to some witnesses Killah P while still in shock kept pointing at the murderer and this is how the cops arrested him - a 55year old holding a knife, described by other eye-witnesses as a known Golden Down associate). The ambulance took 35 minutes to approach and Pavlos was pronounced dead at Nikaia general hospital."
A call for a gathering on the spot of his assassination was made for today, Wednesday 18:00, on 60, P. Tsaldari street (from Athens, via public bus B18 from Ralli-Salaminas, or Γ18 from Gr. Lampraki, from Piraeus via public bus 824 or 826). There are also calls for demonstrations in Thessaloniki: 10:00 in the teachers demo, 16:00 in Physics dept. in AUTH university campus, 18:00 demonstration from "Kamara" on Egnatia street. In Mytilene, Lesbos island, 18:00 on Sappho square, in Patras, 10:00 on Olga square, in Larissa 10:00 in the 1rst Lyceum and 10:30 in the teachers' demo, in Komotini and many other towns there also demos on 18:00.
It is hardly surprising that the Greek police once again did nothing to prevent Golden Dawn nazi violence (Golden Dawn is largely supported by the Greek capitalists, the government and the church, as a willful thug against militants, workers and the poor, and more than half of the police vote for this openly neonazist party) if not actively participating in or covering the organisation of what looks as a death trap for a well-known radical, member of the metalworkers union and antifa hip-hop artist in a working class district, near the spot where a few days ago 8 members of the communist party (KKE) were also brutally assaulted by Golden Dawn nazis.
It is hardly surprising the silence of all the mass media, that are kept alive due to the government's vast loans and benefits, that either decided to mention the assassination as a "fight after an arguement about football" or to not mention it at all. They are the same mass media that promote every misanthropic Golden Dawn activity as an "opposition to the system's flaws", and lately as a realistic government partner for the future. They are of course the voice of their owners, the same few families of capitalists, owners of a shitload of shiptanks, banks and hotels that support the right-wing government and its thuggish little counterpart on the streets, the Golden Dawn, in what they see as a Golden opportunity to get rid of workers rights and turn Greece into a proper labour camp under the nationalist and religious kitsch.
It is worth noticing that this is a hard time for the government and their nazi counterparts, as even after their full scale assault on anarchists, squatters, and workers' struggles, the movements seems to find again its momentum, with the current struggles of the teachers, the hospital workers etc. 
Some additional info can be found in twitter: @antireport, #antireport, #KillahP

από Occupy All Streets 18/09/2013 10:51 πμ.

by the father of Pavlos: Pavlos' friends made a remark against Golden Dawn inside a cafe where they were watching a football match. Somebody from a nearby table overheard them and made a phonecall to Golden Dawn members. Golden Dawn squads arrived almost simultaneously with DIAS motorbike police. Pavlos tried to help his friends evade the scene, but he was ambushed by another Golden Dawn squad and surrounded. Then another Golden Dawn associate drove with his car opposite in an one-way street, stopped and stabbed him to death, while the DIAS policemen did not intervene. One girl asked them to help but they didn't. They only approached afterwards to arrest the man with the main suspect.

by police-affiliate journalists: the 45 year old that was arrested by the police, admitted being the one who murdered Pavlos and being a member of the Golden Dawn neonazi party.

by the mayor of Keratsini: the attackers were well-known neonazi members, this is only one of a series of violence against mainly immigrants.

by other local residents: it all seemed like an ambush and not an arguement, there were dozens of people hunting down and surrounding one (Pavlos), their faces and uniforms resemble to the ones that attacked the communist party (KKE) members a few days earlier.

All the mass media, tv, web and radio, continue to spread confusion, hosting Golden Dawn guest speakers in a pathetic attempt to turn things around. One of the most hideous tv personas (called "parrots" in Greece for their repetition of government propaganda) notorious for his slander against strikes, demonstrations and workers struggles, Aris Portosalte even tried to convince a Golden Dawn parliamentary representative that they have to make sure that nobody would speak about Golden Dawn in such an accusatory way!

At the time, there is a heavy police presence around Golden Dawn offices, officially due to an "investigation" (as if the other attackers would hide in their central offices), but the whole scene seems rather as a cordon of protection to the state's useful parastate thugs.


Killah P's facebook page:

Thessaloniki gathering:

από Occupy All Streets 18/09/2013 11:31 πμ.

The name of the murderer is Georgios Roupakias (Γεώργιος Ρουπακιάς), 45 years old, and is described as a well-known right-wing thug from Piraeus. 

The police continues its "investigations" at the Golden Dawn offices. To get the picture, according to a Golden Dawn parliamentary representative arrived and parked in front of the policemen on a parking spot reserved for the disabled (a social group the Golden Dawn sees unfit to reproduce and live whatsoever according to their agenda) and lead the policemen outside the offices, and no fucks were given. Ofcourse all this seems like nothing more than a bad theatrical performance to reinstitute the image of the "democratic" state against the edges (both extreme right and left are accused for violence in a tasteless rhetorics where even the victim are called for for provoking their slaughterers), since it has been more than 10 hours that the murderous ambush took place, and there is nothing the police would be able to come out with out of their friendly offices where many of them already visit as party members anyway. What they want is to seize the moment away from the movement, to play the cars of a democratic state against all edges, and of a Golden Dawn "persecuted by the system".

Let us not forget that there is a constant gathering at the spot of the murder, where the demonstrations of 17:00 and 18:00 will take place. There are also calls for demonstrations this morning with the teachers and 18:00 in most cities across Greece. 

Once again: There is no justice, there is just us.


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italian, english:

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New media reports such as this now suggest that the murderer Giorgos Roupakias was sacked from his work a couple of months ago for fraud, and has been working for the Golden Dawn ever since, being paid to organize manhunts against immigrants and activists. According to the doctors, the way he slaughtered Pavlos demonstrates that the murderer was experienced in knife assault. The murderer's facebook page:

Meanwhile, during the massive strikers demonstrations in the morning, Golden Dawn offices were attacked in Patras, Chania (Crete) and elsewhere, despite riot-police lines protecting them. Afternoon's demonstrations begin in a few minutes now...

More info in english:


από anarchist 28/09/2013 5 πμ.

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