325 Magazine #11

Against the Post-Industrial Consumer Society and the Technological Singularity

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Brand new magazine from the furnace of the 325 editorial collective free online now. 60 pages of b&w printer-friendly insurrectional nihilist-anarchy and anti-civilisation war.



3. Direct Action Chronology

8. No Illusions – Alfredo M.Bonanno?

9. Climate change, nuclear-energy and urban war in the new century – Anti-

civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.?

13. Road Ahead Closed – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.?

13. Electricity grid at risk as floods increase – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.?

15. The Dictator – Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco?

15. Industrial Alienation – B.I?

23. Memories from the Future: The Coming Technological Singularity – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.?

29. Information and Slavery – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.?

31. Anarchist comrades contributions to the IX Meeting for Animal Liberation in Italy, 2013 – Silvia Guerini & Costantino Ragusa?

38. War against the machines! – Gianluca Iacovacci?

41. Letter from Adriano Antonacci about the refusal of video-conference trial

42. Necrotechnologies – Synthetic biology?

43. Parts & Labour – Fabricating life in a lab?

45. The Daleks Are Coming! – Robot security guards?

46. Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Human Behaviour

48. Predictive Surveillance Technology Arrives

48. The Problem of Strategy – Alfredo M.Bonanno?

49. Empty House & Crowded Forest – Eat?

51. Some Thoughts on FAI/IRF – Eat?

53. Don’t Trust, Don’t Fear, Don’t Beg – Ihar Alinevich?

54. Fear – Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco?

54. Escape into Sanity: The Fall – V.Q.?

57. In the Fall-out of the Black Smoke Cloud of Black Rock Quarry

57. Perpetual Cycles

58. Someone else’s meal – L?

58. Mechanics of Nature





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