Solidarity with Nikos Maziotis

Solidarity banner with revolutionary Nikos Maziotis, on the occasion of his address to his companions placed in BIH, Prijedor

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In solidarity with comrade and fighter Nikos Maziotis we placed the banner, this morning the 17th 10.2014. He is one of the few uncompromising fighters and people who have decided to devote his life to the struggle for freedom in this fight not think of their own safety and the risks of choosing this path took it upon themselves. Nikos flashes as an example not only Greece that is affected by the capitalist and the brutal measures of austerity and class war, in which on one side are state with a rich domestic and foreign capital owners with all the financial resources military logistics and the other unarmed people who are impoverished and disappears under the heel of the Fascist capitalists, unjust war in which the victims were always on the side of the oppressed but also in the whole Europe and the world, where this kind of open fight against system is missing or has a milder form ... Nikos shows that the debt-ridden Greece in the EU today price that the poor pay not only debt to banks, but also with their blood and skin. To remind that in Greece there is increase in suicides because people are unable to pay their debt to the banks. (The case of pensioners from 2012 who killed himself in front of the Greek parliament.) Which caused riots and protests in Greece. The percentage of people who hunger strike asking for their rights, and those in prison is growing. Nikos is behind bars but his free spirit remains unshaken and he now appears by phone to his fellow citizens by phone and his message will be transferred released into the ether live in a building Politehnia.(After second letter he wrote from prison in honor of Ulrike Meinhofs birthday.) Solidarity with  Nikos Maziotis, and all political prisoners who stood in open conflict with the system and its inhumane values.







Friends from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prijedor


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