Successfull Hungerstrike in Germany-Berlin from Gülaferit Ünsal

Yesterday, at 29th of May, the turkisch prisoner in Germany-Berlin Gülaferit Ünsal did end successfull her hungerstrike agter 54 days in the woman-prison in Berlin-Pankow, after the administration did agree in her demandments. In the last month activists from the Rote Hilfe e.V. (Red Aid), Anarchists, Communists together with the comrades from the turkisch Organisations, activists from Network for political prisoners and selforganized People from the leftradical free spaces mobilzed to many demonstrations and concentrations every 3 or 4 days.

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In the summer 2012 the process in Berlin against the turkisch activist Gülaferit Ünsal did beginn. The was charged with the paragraph 129a/b - member and supporting a terrorist organisation. They said that she was very active in the türkisch left movement DHKPC and was arrestet in the woman and youth prison in Berlin-Lichtenberg (a community next to the Berlin-Friedrichshain area) during the process. During the process organisations like Prisoners Network and Rote Hilfe e.V. and selforganized Activists organized concentrations an pocess/Judge-visits. And in this time there was concentrations and demonstrations in front of and in the area of the prison in Berlin-Lichtenberg, like during the Liebknecht Luxemburg Demonstration in January or at the "Day of Political Prisoners" (every year around 18th of March).

After the process she was send with a judgement of many years to the woman prison in Berlin-Pankow due to the so called "Anti Terrorist Paragraph" 129a/b.

There have been many prison visits and correspondence with comrade Gülaferit Ünsal during the years until this year.

This year before April 2015 Gülaferit did get attacked in the prison and the administration didnt deliver her the newspapers and books which she should get also because the delivering of newspapers and books to her has been INSIDE THE LAW!

So she startet 54 days ago the hungerstrike with the main demandments:



When comrades from the Rote Hilfe e.V. Berlin did started to visit her in a weekly and halfweekly period she explained that the administration of the woman prison did make "dirty games" with her by using one administration-loyal prisoner who is known to attack people with knife and that the administration did censorize or even not deliver her the legal day-newspapers and magazines.

Since that the activists outside from the Rote Hilfe e.V., selforganized Anarchists and other groups called for demonstrations in  the area and in front of the woman prison in Berlin-Pankow. This area where the woman prison is, is very quiet, but at each concentration and demonstration has been between 40 to 80 people. Since the beginning the comrades from the turkish organization has been part of the mobilization.

There has been also a demonstration to the german justice and parlament buildings, what the Berlin administration did forbid.

Yesterday, after over 50 days of Hungerstrike, comrade Gülaferit also announced a Thurst-Strike for here demandments.

During the concentrations we did have greetings from other prisons in Germany where turkish comrades and social political prisoners announced solidarity hungerstrikes, like for example members from the new "Prison Union" and we did get the news that also in Greece comrades from the prison did start a solidarity hungerstrike.

Not only in cities in Germany have been concentrations in solidarity with Gülaferit - there has been actions also in other countries in Europe.

Like in some concentrations before yesterday at the concentration in front of the woman prison in Pankow with about 60 people there has been also some ex-prsioner(s) who have been in this prsion with Gülaferit and showed their solidarity. 

In the end of the concentration yesterday came the news that the prison administration together with Gülaferits Lawyer and the green-party parlamentarian Canan Bayram (MdA/Grüne)  signed an agreement to fullfill all the demandments of comrade Gülaferit, so she diceded to end her successfull Hungerstrike-Protest.

Our organisation "Rote Hilfe e.V." ("Red Aid") declared in a press statement that we also will be in solidarity with Gülaferit in the future and that we will closely watch if the prison administration really will fullfill here demandments!

Freiheit für Gülaferit!

Freedom for Gülaferit!


Freiheit für alle Gefangenen!

Freedom for all prisoners!

Feuer allen Gefängnissen!

Fire to all prisons!


Solidarität ist unsere Waffe!

Η αλληλεγγύη είναι το όπλο μας!


Declaration (in german) from Red Aid Berlin:



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