ANNOUNCEMENT Of the greek activist newspaper "APATRIS" on the breakthroughs in Greece

After the unsuccessful attempts for a compromise between the two Memoranda proposals (one of from the European Union and the IMF and another one from the Greek coalition of SYRIZA- ANEL), the government opted for a referendum on the question of the acceptance or not of the economic measures proposed by the creditors. Through an one-word answer, "Yes" or "No", society is called upon to answer the question that has been put from above and not as a popular claim, in a short-term period under the terms of a blocked by the institutions flow of cash, that impedes the access of employees to the major part of their wages. The recourse to a referendum (even one that is not pleasing to the creditors) is not a triumph of democracy, as it is boldly presented. Referendums in the context of parliamentary republic have nothing to do with the direct democratic procedures, which require equal participation, co conformation of all involved, whereas simultaneously exclude those who do not have voting rights, such as immigrants. Referendums are constructed in such a way -just like the polls- where the question many times actually determines the answer. As far as it concerns the arguments that equate the referendum with the force of “the will of the people” , we answer with a paraphrase of the words of Murray Bookchin: " 'Power to the people' can only be put into practice when the power exercised by social elites is dissolved into the people. Each individual can then take control of his daily life. If 'Power to the people' means nothing more than power to the 'leaders' of the people, then the people remain an undifferentiated, manipulatable mass, as powerless after the referendum as they were before. In final analysis, the people can never have power until they stop being the 'People'." The false dilemma between pro-memorandum and counter-memorandum has now been uncovered and has evolved to a dipole between the implementing proposed measures by local against these proposed by international institutions of power. Therefore, society is not simply asked to answer "Yes" or "No". The "Yes" answer literally means further subjection to the dictates of the capitalist elite, and this is why it is supported so passionately by their local representatives, their puppets and their subordinates. Meanwhile, the "Yes" also means a major setback not just for the antagonistic movement, but also for the society as a whole. If it prevails in the society, it will be imposed as a dominant way of thinking, whereas the point is the complete deconstruction of it . If the “Yes” is eventually successful, we will find ourselves many steps backwards. The "No" will be used by the goverment as an alternative "Yes" to their propositions, while they attempt to extort the people's consensus on their economic policies. Thus, they are far away from their much chanted "ripping off the Memorandum". In contrast, it displays a mood of “creative consensus” on proposals of measures and objectives which will exhaust society in order to avoid responsibility of a substantial breach with the supporters of the invasion of neo-liberalism. Whether one chooses to participate in the referendum or not, the struggling parts of the society should not be determined by the false dilemma posed by the state and the factions of the local and international capital in the midst of their inner conflict. We choose the intensification of social-class struggle, strengthening the arguments from below, through the existing and upcoming structures of the Movement, such as the people's assemblies, the collectives and groups of the radical movement, the base unions, the networks of solidarity economy, the squatted places, the self-managed projects in any perspective of social life. The struggling parts of society have as a duty, in a cool manner and decisively to: A) Heave mounds against the right wing reactionary mob of neoliberal and conservative mentality that currently attempts to invade as a form of a social movement of the streets and squares. B) Occupy the public space, where has to create a counterweight against the entrapment between "Left wing" or European Memorandum without retreat from our lives' looters. C) To discard the stockbrokers and bankers of the European Union and local capitalists and be inspired by the concrete examples of self-organization and struggle, as the Zapatistas movement and as Kurdish fighters do in Rojava, as well. The importance of the current instant requires the use of any means that are considered as necessary. NO to the procuration about our lives and our submission to the state, the local and the international capital. YES to unmediated struggles for social emancipation.

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