Call to support NoBorder Kitchen #Idomeni

Call for support: „NoBorder-Train-Kitchen Idomeni“ 3. December 2015 The "NoBorder - Train - Kitchen" cook weekly now every day for 2,000 people at the Greek-Macedonian border in Idomeni. They send you greetings of solidarity and ask for your help.


(translation in english below, done very quickly! pls also translate in greek)


Call for support: „NoBorder-Train-Kitchen Idomeni“

3. December 2015

The "NoBorder - Train - Kitchen", friends of ours, cook weekly now every day for 2,000 people at the Greek-Macedonian border in Idomeni. They send you greetings of solidarity and ask for your help:


"Dear Friends and comrades,   It is now a good 4 weeks since we had turned to you to ask for your support. Originally to go to
Slovenia – in order to distribute donated material (tents, blankets, sleeping bags, etc) to refugee
people and to build a mobile collective kitchen. The response to our call was overwhelming.

After a short time we had donated much material to manage the overflow of what we collected.
Some friends started off as soon as the following week with fully loaded trucks. Then the situation
in Slovenia changed, and we decided for a short term to go to Lesvos, a party of 8 persons with a
fully loaded 12 –ton truck.  When we had just arrived in Greece the border between Greece and Macedonia had been closed
down for many refugees. For almost two weeks since then thousands of people were waiting in the
harshest conditions there, while steadily new buses arrived. The situation is catastrophic. It quickly
became clear that we should drive to the border to Idomeni to distribute our donated material and
try to cook there. For a week now in Idomeni it is non-stop cooking for us. We've teamed up with another cooking crew
and in-between we also take care of another autonomous kitchen, providing daily 2ooo people and
giving out approximately 3,000 meals per day. First, we built our kitchen on an abandoned military
area and began to boil there. Meanwhile, there was a first major uprising as hundreds tried to storm
the border fences and tear them down

After 2 days we were kicked out of our first spot by the police - as the second major uprising broke
out, with hundreds, more determined than previously, tried again to storm the border. This was
triggered by a fatal electric shock someone suffered while he was on the roof of a freight car. Then,
for about an hour, people were shot with gas canisters and stun grenades from the Macedonian
military. Without further ado and in the fog of tear gas smoke we decided to occupy a vacant boxcar
where we boil since almost non-stop for thousands. Meanwhile, it is yesterday that a third major
revolt broke out, in which the protesters were shot at with rubber bullets. Through our experience we have found that it is cheaper to buy food locally. Even with material
collections (blankets, clothing, footwear, awnings, tents) it has been clear (for us) that it is more
convenient to collect materials needed locally here in Greece and to support the Greek
comrades according to our forces and potential(for example, by providing a rented truck).
However, we don’t want to slow down any process or call for items, which are still completely lacking.
Again and again we encounter people without shoes, blankets, jackets, socks, etc.

We therefore turn again to all of you requesting (to continue) to support us. On the one hand we are
almost completely dependent on donations to be able to continue cooking. Only in the last week we
have spent 3000 Euro for food. Moreover, part of our cooking crew just had to leave again, so that we
currently have a staff shortage. In addition we have reached our limits of capability and some of us
have unfortunately become ill because it is bitterly cold at night here. We are a colorful team of activists that came together from Altmark, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin,
Melbourne and the middle of nowhere... Some of us come from Vokü-(solidarity public/collective
kitchens) related (such as Volxküche Hannover/Le Sabot,Food for Action) and other activists, that
bring very different experiences, strengths and weaknesses. Most of us did not know each other
before. What unites us is to practically support people seeking refuge through our work, by providing
catering and supporting technical infrastructure on site, concrete help to people on the run in their
struggle to overcome/pass the limits/borders.

Meanwhile refugees from Morocco and Iran and Pakistan have also connected and worked with our
crew, without whose help it would have been impossible to do all this. They, too, are on the edge of
their forces...In the meantime we were able to build good contacts in Thessaloniki - where we
currently try to get rooms for "Out of Action" and organize spaces for accomodation.

As said, we are currently not many. If you can therefore imagine a better or two weeks to relieve us
cooking together at/to help us, and/or (so that it would be possible a few pull out 2-3 days to get
back to our feet please contact us. Telephon for info 0030-69466-50046

We ask all our comrades and friends to support us according to their abilities and to consider how
and where you can get any money in your environment, so that our boiler continues to steam.

In addition, it would be super if you support/spread this appeal as widely as possible.

Inform yourselves, organize yourselves – think yourselves what can be done!  
Thursday, December 03 2015/ Idomeni Some count money… We count on solidarity! Help us to help!

Account for donations:

Rote Hilfe e.V. / OG Salzwedel

KTNr.: 400 723 8312
BLZ: 430 609 67
iban: DE93 4306 0967 4007 2383 12
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Verwendungszweck(Purpose of use): just people


*No Border (Train-) Kitchen / Idomeni

*The call will be supported by: Rote Hilfe e.V. / Ortsgruppe Salzwedel
and the mobile VolXküche Hannover





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