The incidents of diffamation, conflicts and pillory, started on August among ex and current members of Themistokleous 58, were from the beginning political issues and absolutely aggressive moves. However, we have decided to not deal with them immediately, due to lack of time and to the awareness that this issue was already discussed in-between certain collective bodies (ditto and another assembly including the people involved in the conflicts from Themistokleous 58 were participating). During all these efforts of communication and settlement upon the issue, the assembly in which the people from Themistokleous 58 participated, Themistokleous 58 itself and the person that had been aggressed, did not accept a solution via a political dialogue but only through violence or/and diffamation.

Doing our self-criticism, as an assembly we recognize the fact that it were: non-formal conversations, inner-conversations and attempt to despise the project of Themistokleous 58, through the text of an initiative and the close procedurethat were signed and called by individuals from Zaimi 11, comrades and anarchists. After the close procedure, we realized that these types of practices are disastrous for the relations of struggle, solidarity and trust, but also for our safety against the state. Therefore, that text was not communicate furthermore to other collectives and we chose to call an open assembly, without referring the name of Themistokleous 58 in the public text.

As for the open assembly that we as a collective called, the goal was not to judge Themistokleous 58, but to have a critic on the text of the initiative and the close procedure in which we were participating, requiring to each and every one involved in the incidents to take their responsibility and the collective settlement of the issue.

However, all that circle of sabotage due to non-formal conversations and close procedures was intensified by, and partly started from, the uncompromised position of Themistokleous 58, with threats, gangster-type violence to comrades as well as through the public text produced by Themistokleous 58 in which political projects and comrades, are openly and abusively called cops, journalists, pimps. This position was reinforced by their absence and the denial of participation in the open assembly, even though the intentions to stop the violence as the political matters of the people involved, were announced. All these were the peak of our exposure to the state.

After Themistokleous 58 have pursued the attacks, a collective body was formed with the participation of our collective and three more squats, in order to announce in the assembly of Themistokleous 58 that the violence and sabotage must and will stop from every part. That collective body was not accepted to enter the squat of Themistokleous 58.

Beside the collective body's commitment to abolish the violence and the sabotage from all sides, every attempt to engage a political dialogue for any type of settlement in the issue, if there will be any, must be accompanied by a self-criticism from Themistokleous 58, by any means they will decide to do it.

In conclusion, we want to clarify that for us, the political projects are not atom-centered and neither should we be realized them in this way, and whatever conflict inside the movement, had never put us in a place to withdraw our solidarity from the collectives of struggle in case of state repression or fascist attacks.

Comradly, Anarchist Collective Black-Multicolor

*we hope that we manage pass the meanings through the english translation

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