The last two months we have actively monitored what happened between TH58 squat in Exarchia, former members, and other comrades and collectives. We consider this situation unacceptable between comradess and againstcause of common struggle.

The first reason for our engagement was responding to a text against TH58 by the initiative, which called a meeting at the Polytechnic (Gini). There we realized that it closed call. The TH58, which concerned was not informed.
second reason was our comradeship was in practice in common social-political-class struggles with all involved sides. This has been accompanied with respect towards all as participants in the common struggle, regardless of disagreements or critical positions towards them, as we have stood in solidarity with every party.

The above two reasons led us to become involved in this, and aware of our responsibility in the conflict. Whether due to our critical participation in the initial call first, and the following open public call of the anarchist collective Black Polychrome, or advertised our meeting with the TH58 to receive their information and position.
From the first moment until now our aim is the cessation of hostilities on both sides and an end to the controversy at a political level , jointley agreed upon and upheld by both sides. Secondly we understand the interrelated weaknesses and errors in common areas and common struggle. This is both at the level of common action, against the top of, and at the level of criticism and self-criticism processes within our communities for the purpose of empowerment and forward movement.
We are not picking through every detail of every incident to measure how many mistakes each side has made. We hold our own view over these events, by following the critical aspects, as they have been shown to this point:

1. We recognize the Squat TH58 as a community of struggle with proletarian, multiracial, diverse in thought and independent features. As such, it has every right to defend its space, procedures, and its dignity. At the same time we recognize as true a large part of the text of TH58, especially regarding slandering and undermining practices against them, which was hostile and not attributable to intramovement confrontations (closed procedures, a problematic first text and ongoing propostitions, etc.)

2. At the same time we believe that escalting the political debate through unbalanced measures (which originally showed absolute hostility, fighting terms and unprincipled thought processes, and was based on a misperception of the relationship between desired results, motivation, and feasability) The gossip and slander, unlike the open and public self-control of our communities is self-destructive, and characteristic of authoritarian leftist politics.
The same responsibility lies with TH58 on the question of the proportionality of responses to attacks suffered, and their understanding of the gravity of this situation. This responsibility is on TH58, through reason, their actions and theirgoals.

On the other hand, although we do not perceive the other side through the same lens, and we stand in them in their will to find a solution that comes from the movement, and move forward through their weaknesses. We recognize them as comrades, until today.

We communicated the above to all involved comrades, asking them to stop the fighting and trying to give as many guarantees as possible of our help.
Concluding we clarify that we consider as crucial the responsibility of TH58 through their disproportionate violence, and exaggeration of hostilities against them, and in relation to the powers and position. Similarly we perceive them as responsible for larger friendships, relationships and community in the struggle and in the movement.
Also, we remind to all that within the framework of “unprincipled” intramovement hostilities, we understand not only physical and political violence, but also petty underground war. These elements (physical and poltical violence, and underground war) constitute hostile action against us all, and feed back into a cycle of conflict.
For the fighters , problems are resolved openly and publicly when they do not find answers from the social base of the stuggle. Any new attack on our comrades on either side, will be considered as an offense to us.


Assembly Of Squated Prosfygika

O σχολιασμός έχει απενεργοποιηθεί.

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