Love football, Hate fascism - This is the Antifa League of Athens

[7 May 2017] Larissa Train Station - Anti-fascist zone

Antifa League Athens is a self-organized football championship that opposes commercialised and professional sports. Contrary to the above the Antifa League is all about the pure love for football as we first felt it when we used to play in open fields, squares and streets, with dirty jerseys and bloody knees. Against careerism and drugs, instead we propose solidarity and the joy of the game.

Through Antifa League we are claiming our right to public spaces and free time. Each match guarantees the ability of each and every individual to socialize and play football, all being equal, with no discrimination and restrictions, against the dominant system of control and exclusion.

“Larissa” Train Station in Athens, Greece is a working class, as well as, a multinational neighborhood, shaped by diversity and multiculturalism. In this neighborhood, some of us shed sweat, blood, felt joy or sadness about off the post kicks, goals and outs. But we have learned to respect our neighbors, but also to fight to the end.

The offices of Golden Dawn have never been part of the neighborhood and our presence on Sunday, May 7 was a practical proof of this. In a neighborhood that lives and breathes its diversity there's no space for any kind of fascist! Our presence in the fields and the conduct of the 8th round made it clear that, like in every neighborhood, the area belongs to those who respect and love it. Each and every one of us will continue to fight fascist and intolerant practices in every aspect of our everyday lives.

Our answer to fascism is multifaceted anti-fascist action!
Our only country is our childhood years!

Goltzides street football team
Antifa League Athens

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