Two weeks till G20 Hamburg – some updates

There will be a camp for protesters, more infos: You should come to Hamburg at least on 5th July. German Police is in high alert, they will check the borders to prevend protesters from coming.

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This was the video of the anarchist call against G20 in Hamburg.


 And this are some actions, collected from


Stones against SPD and prison profiteur

Arson attack against a ThyssenKrupp-vehicle

Attack against Thales

Arson attack against Deutsche Telekom

Excavator burns – against G20-Summit

Attack against construction-company HOCHTIEF and a call against the G20-summit

Attack against the ‘Messe Hamburg’, venue for the OSCE and G20 summits

Athens, Attack against the office of security company SCS

Berlin, Arson attack against a police station

Leipzig, 3 public-order-police vehicles torched

Sweden, Bank attacked

Leipzig, Arson attack against Job Center

Arson attacks against Sodexo and Vodafone

Berlin, French diplomatic vehicle torched

Bremen, Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) vehicle torched

Berlin, Arson attack on a police station against the Police Congress & the G20 Summit

Berlin, Securitas (private security company) vehicles torched

Hamburg, Two police cars torched

Hamburg, more Police cars in station torched

Arson attack against a ‘Securitas’ private security company vehicle

Madrid, Spain: Incendiary attack against the Cavalry Unit of the National Police

Bremen, Incendiary attack against Jobcenter

Arson Attack Against the Vehicle Fleet of ‘Deutsche See’

Weilheim, Arson Attack Against a Police Station



and this will happen:


there is a calender with the main protest events

International anti-capitalist demonstration against G20 summit: G20 Welcome to hell

Thursday, 6 July 2017 ,

4 p.m., St. Pauli Fischmarkt, Hamburg



If you can not come to Hamburg, ATTACK EVERYWHERE !



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