[Video] Athens: Protesters from the eastern suburbs attack the Town Hall of Zografou

Athens: Protesters from the eastern suburbs attack with red paint the Town Hall of Zografou for the death of a street cleane

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On the night of Friday June 30, Daniela Prelorentzou, working as a street cleaner in the Zografou area of Athens, died of a heart attack, while preparing to begin a second shift in 24 hours and the third in 36 hours, under heatwave conditions.

On Wednesday July 19, collectives and self-organized groups from the eastern districts of Athens called for a protest from Ilisia to the Zografou district, as the minimum response to Daniela’s death.


The Zografou Municipality Administration, ie. Daniela’s employer, was quick from the beginning to renounce its responsibilities for her death, despite the fact that they obliged her to work for 3 consecutive shifts within 36 hours, ignoring her older age and the existing heatwave conditions above 40 degrees Celsius.

The death of Daniela is the result of a policy aimed at the total withering of the working class, even to a point that they collapse, if necessary, due to the establishment of a "multi-speed" working regime in which, in particular, workers who have no permanent employment are forced to succumb to any extortion forced upon them, so that their contract maybe renewed.

The protest was called by collectives, self-organized groups and comrades from the eastern suburbs of Athens, in which approximately 300 people took part.

Towards the end of the protest route, protesters arrived in front of the Zografou Town Hall and proceeded to attack the building with red paint, as a symbolic gesture against the arbitrariness of the bosses and the State murdering workers.


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