"He was in the hospital from the middle of Lent till after Easter. When he was better, he remembered the dreams he had had while he was feverish and delirious. He dreamt that the whole world was condemned to a terrible new strange plague that had come to Europe from the depths of Asia. All were to be destroyed except a very few chosen. Some new sorts of microbes were attacking the bodies of men, but these microbes were endowed with intelligence and will. Men attacked by them became at once mad and furious. But never had men considered themselves so intellectual and so completely in possession of the truth as these sufferers, never had they considered their decisions, their scientific conclusions, their moral convictions so infallible. Whole villages, whole towns and peoples went mad from the infection. All were excited and did not understand one another. Each thought that he alone had the truth and was wretched looking at the others, beat himself on the breast, wept, and wrung his hands. They did not know how to judge and could not agree what to consider evil and what good; they did not know whom to blame, whom to justify. Men killed each other in a sort of senseless spite. They gathered together in armies against one another, but even on the march the armies would begin attacking each other, the ranks would be broken and the soldiers would fall on each other, stabbing and cutting, biting and devouring each other. The alarm bell was ringing all day long in the towns; men rushed together, but why they were summoned and who was summoning them no one knew. The most ordinary trades were abandoned, because everyone proposed his own ideas, his own improvements, and they could not agree. The land too was abandoned. Men met in groups, agreed on something, swore to keep together, but at once began on something quite different from what they had proposed. They accused one another, fought and killed each other. There were conflagrations and famine. All men and all things were involved in destruction. The plague spread and moved further and further. Only a few men could be saved in the whole world. They were a pure chosen people, destined to found a new race and a new life, to renew and purify the earth, but no one had seen these men, no one had heard their words and their voices"

People pay for their crimes. Sooner or later. They pay with what they have become. Murderers.

από . 07/09/2017 4:29 πμ.

υπαρχουν ευθηνες και τα παιχνιδια δεν ειναι πλεων παιχνιδια, τελος με τη πανουκλα, αξιακος κωδικας 0.

από βιβλιοκριτικός 07/09/2017 7:41 πμ.

το κειμενάκι είναι μια απαρίθμηση τελεολογικών κλισέ, εν ολίγοις μια μαλακία και μισή. Ξαναπροσπάθησε, μη το βάζεις κάτω.

από είναι διαχρονικά 07/09/2017 12:16 μμ.

γιατί οι 'γραβατωμένοι' ('σύντροφοι' και μη, και οι κολαούζοι τους) πάντα επιτίθονταν με πολλούς τρόπους, κι αν κανείς μη γραβατωμένος ή μη κολαούζος μιμηθεί, έστω και στο ελάχιστο, τις μεθοδους τους, τους πιάνει ιερή 'αξιακού κώδικα' οργή.

μπουλο και στις 2 φαμιλιες, εισαι νταξει τωρα? εχεις τιποτα καλυτερο να πεις απ'το να τις συγκρινεις για να βγαλεις λιγο λαδι και τα μη γραβατομενα? η λογικη "υπαρχουν και οι γραβατομενοι οποτε ασε τους αλλους" με ξεπερνα. Ξερετε, καποιοι δεν ειναι τιποτα απ΄τα δυο συντροφοι. Υπαρχει και αυτο. Οποτε ναι..."αξιακου κωδικα" οργη που λες και συ..


από αμύητος 09/09/2017 10:33 πμ.

Θα μας εξηγήσει κάποιος και μας?

από # 09/09/2017 11:48 πμ.

είναι διαχρονική, και διαχρονικά βαφτίζεται "αξιακή", συνήθως απ' αυτούς που είναι βυθισμένοι στην υποκρισία. Όσοι δεν είναι, δεν ασχολούνται με κλισέ.

@ βιβλιοκριτικέ, έχεις δώσει τη μόνη απαντηση που αξίζει να δωθεί εδώ.

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