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Solidarity to

It seems that nothing of what is going on in Europe lately is accidental. The Black conference in Estonia, the laundry machine of the most aggressive form of capitalist dictatorship in history, in which Germany participated, appears to be part of a much wider agenda. The humiliation of Germany’s oppressive mechanisms during the protests against the G20 meeting in Hamburg was probably the last straw for the ambitious imperialism that dominates in the EU financially. Radicals who gathered at the German city from all over the world gave a bitter lesson to the bombastic declarations of the repression. Τhey gave a warning: the people of the struggle are here, militant and uncompromising, they pick up the gauntlet against the dystopian schemes of the new totalitarianism. It’s not the nation-states that resist, but forces arising directly from the social base of all states. Forces that are perhaps minorities for the moment, but which have no intention to remain minorities.
The new capitalist totalitarianism responded by doing what it always does when facing an opponent: getting rid of the mantle of democracy without any shame whatsoever. The bourgeois fairy-tales about freedom of speech, the myth of the “open society” are nothing more than the forefront of a propaganda displayed only when they do not pose any kind of danger to the power. But now they do. The, a hub of information and radical critique underwent the assault of the German state. For the time being, the website is offline, those that were operating it are characterized as terrorists, and even the site’s logo has been forbidden. At the same time, “purely by chance”, the German state digs up (or creates) new stories from the era of the armed organization of R.A.F., 40 years ago.
The narrative of the “extremist danger from the left” is formalized by specific repressive actions, and they try to legitimize it by regurgitating the «shock of terror” of the 1970’s. Hardly original at all, as the far-right infection is the same whether it speaks German or Estonian or Greek.
Not at all by chance, AFD’s fascists in Germany hailed the shutdown of Not at all by chance, various extreme-right trash all across Europe (and in Greece) did the same. The theory of the two extremes has also proved to be a lie. The regime, from social-democrats up to Nazis, is forming its own front. The right is being united, just like the American Nazis demanded in Charlottesville. And by all appearances, the German state intends to lead that front in Europe.
The battle against the silencing of is continuing, nothing has yet been decided. The battle for freedom of speech, inside and outside the internet, is entering a new phase.

The oppressed must realize that, in reality, we don’t have any kind of rights in the bourgeois society. Everything is contingent on whether state and capital feel certain for their absolute dominance. The only rights we have are those we win with our fists. The sooner we realize that the better our position will be in the coming battles against the new totalitarianism that is already paving its way.

Solidarity to

Anarchist Federation (Greece)

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