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The “Imia” anniversary 1 is an event of particular political significance for the laudators of the deeply conservative and nationalistic convictions. It is day of congregation for fascists, an event, which in recent years, is accompanied by physical attacks against local and migrant proletariats. The “Imia” anniversary week in 2016 was marked by a number of antifascist actions. Demonstrations took place in the centre of Athens, an intervention against German nazis took place prior to their programmed event, a gathering was called for the defence of Victoria sq. (where many migrants resided then on the square), and there was an attempt by antifascists to occupy the ground where golden dawn members meet on that day, resulting in the cancellation of the fascists' event on Rigillis sq.

On 30/1/2016, the day of the Imia anniversary, a group of antifascists headed towards Victoria sq., where an open gathering for the defence of the square was to be realised at that time. There, clashes occured between the gathered crowd and the DI.AS. police unit, who were conducting controls on the square as we arrived. As a result of this, I was arrested and treated violently by the police as much during my arrest, as at my arrival in the police Headquarters (GADA). Very much aware of the hostile environment I was thrown in, I did not cooperate during the interogation and I refused to be fingerprinted or photographed.

The rulers do not “conduct” politics with good manners, but with brute force. With coercion t hey impose degradation, poverty and death. The consequences of court decisions are political, cancelling in deed any opposing argument. Discipline, subdjugation and repression are fundamental elements of the world shaped by authority.

The supranational elite is shaping a global-centralist system. Neoliberal capitalism has a political and a military wing and is violenlty “expanding” around the planet. The propaganda around the value and omnipotence of the market economy paves the way for repression within borders, as well as for imperialist interventions in the Thirld World against entire populations, the undisciplined and political opponents. With NATO as the spearhead of domination, financial capital and multinational corporations loot and pillage the global terrain leaving ruins behind them. One look at the european south (Greece, Italy, Spain) and the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Palestine) would suffice...

The deepening and broadening of impoverishment serves the interests of the economically powerfull and comprises the foundation of fascism. By bringing about mass material poverty they target people's morale, they wear us down in order to reduce us to puppets/slaves, without memory, without fighting spirit. So that we become flesh that feeds the bosses machines. The common repressive policies and cooperation between states, as well as the fascist/nationalist aggression across countries have a common aim: to ensure order, by stifling any resistance and consequently to instill fear and hopelessness.

In Greece, where in recent years countless mass mobilisations and direct actions have taken place against the political-economic regime, various party organisations have made their appearance. Their aim, both from the right wing as well as the left, was to intentionally divert from and pacify any possible attempt towards social liberation. Within this ideological and political confusion and in the absense of a mass and organised revolutionary potential, the nationalist gangs did not dissolve, rather they rallied around 'GOLDEN DAWN'.

T he political rulers and their subordinate punitive mechanisms, take on action in order to confine the radical-libertarian movement, culminating with the murders of the worker Sehtzat Luhkman and the antifascist Pavlos Fyssas by golden dawn members. The new left wing manage rs of the regime, continue the work of their predecessors, and shatter completely whatever is left of the social consensus of the exploited to the status quo. Terrified of the fact that the growth of social and political tensions is inevitable, they crush and depoliticise anything that attempts to curb the modern dystopia they have imposed. Po l itical prisoners are eradicated, fighters are named criminals and imprisoned, protestors and strikers are violently beaten. Laws and criminal justice require that the oppressed peacfully coexist with the ones who hold the power. In short, that we accept the slow death that has been imposed on us. They want us to digest the belief t hat the military mechanism of capital should hold the monopoly of violence.

On the opposite side, o ccupied spaces, social centres and work spaces should become fields for the creation of communities of horizontal/antihierarchical organisaiton. They should lend revolutionary direction to the current struggles for the subversion of the economical and political dictatorship. Lets deconstruct the political perception within the social field, which perscribes the necessity of the state as a regulator of human activity and of life in its entirety. Lets no t c o nsent to the mass and deafening inertia and lets not bow to state terrorism. The polymorphous solidarity amongst the wretched and the exploited, which does not confine itself within the boundaries set by the enemy, and their fighting perceverance is a one way path towards the abolition of boundaries, the abolition of imprisonement and the ousting o f the tyrannts.

For the growth and union of the radical-libertarian forces against the economically and politically powerful and their mercenaries, as well as any of their substitutes, so that we can build a world of equality, freedom and solidarity.

Lets march en masse into the streets, to throw out of our neighborhoods the bosses, the mercenaries and defenders of their class and the mafia.

September 2016

Yiannis Kouvedakis

Member of the Antifascist/antiauthoritarian social centre DISTOMO

1 Translator's note: Imia is a small island off the coast ofTurkey in the Aegean sea within greek borders. On the 1st of February 1996, turkish military landed on the island resulting in a military standoff between Greece and Turkey. Since then fascists mark this day as a reminder of the nationalistic hostility between greeks and turks, and as an opportunity to rally round the nationalist sentiment.


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