Support the TH58 Squat in Exarcheia, Athens/Greece

Themistokleous 58(TH58) is a squat located in the Exarcheia neighborhood of Athens, Greece. TH58 is an anarchist, antiracist, antifascist squat that provides housing for migrants. This is our first fundraiser to support the costs of maintaining the squat.                                                                       

What is TH58?

TH58 is a squatted building located one block from the main square in Exarcheia, the historically anarchist neighborhood of Athens. TH58 is an anarchist, antiracist and antifascist squat. It houses anarchists and migrants, and all members and supporters meet weekly in an Assembly to decide on political projects and the daily functioning of the squat.   

During its nearly two years of existence, TH58 has served as a housing and meeting space and has acted as an international and combative solidarity project between anarchists and migrants against the State, Capital and domination. The project maintains a reciprocal relationship between members—no matter their origin, gender or orientation—for horizontal self-organization and direct action.

What will your donation be used for?

  1. Building upkeep, maintenance and security: The TH58 building is, for the most part, structurally sound, yet there are a number of ongoing issues requiring immediate attention. For upkeep and maintenance, these include but are not limited to: leaks, electrical repair, tools, and general cleaning supplies. For security purposes, some reinforcement of the building is needed against attacks by the police and fascists.
  2. Daily essentials: Due to the economic situation in Greece, and the fact that most residents have little or no resources, daily needs such as food, clothing, medical supplies and expenses and personal hygiene items that are essential to maintaining the project are needed.

Support from international comrades is essential for the continuance of the TH58, as the project refuses all assistance from the Greek State and NGOs.

For further information, contact us at our current email address:

Thank You for Donation and Support --Themistokleous 58

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