Athens: Stand up against the Turkish intervention in Afrin Canton, in northern Syria

Athens, January – 2018

Stand up against the Turkish intervention in Afrin Canton, in northern Syria

A few days ago, the Turkish army launched an air and ground campaign against the struggling people of Afrin Canton, in Rojava of northeastern Syria, codenamed “Operation Olive Branch”.

According to Reuters, the spokesman for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) said that Turkish jets are bombing the city of Afrin and many villages in the surrounding area. He claimed that there are many people dead or injured, but the number remains undefined, while he holds responsible also the Russians. During the battles, Turks and rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fight side by side.

The target of the current attack is not only the Kurdish people but all peoples all over Syria who have been recently struggling in daily basis against Islamofacist DAESH-ISIS, in order to build a new, more fair and democratic world by organizing a federation of cantons based on the principles of the democratic confederalism. The current attack also targets people all over the world who, applying in practice the principles of the International Solidarity, firstly came to the aid of Kobane, then of Rakka, and who will definitely do the same thing now for Afrin.

We call everyone who believes in social justice and in cooperation among peoples to actively show its solidarity with the struggling people of Afrin.

We say no at war!

The soul of Kobane leads the struggle for Afrin!

Initiative for Internationalist Solidarity in the Mediterranean

Athens, January – 2018

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