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Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBGUhPEAd9o Όνομα Βίντεο: ''Haukur Hilmarsson For Rojava Revolution''  

Ο αναρχικός επαναστάστης Haukur Hilmarsson πέρασε στην επαναστατική αιωνιότητα πραγματώνοντας το καθήκον της επαναστατικής διεθνιστικής αλληλεγγύης στο ακέραιο! Ηταν μάρτυρας της απελευθέρωσης της πόλης Ράκκα απο το Daesh και υπερασπίστηκε με τη ζωή του την ελευθερία και το συνομοσπονδιακό σύστημα της Ροζάβα. Στην αντίσταση του Αφρίν απο την εισβολή του τουρκικού-φασιστικού κράτους και των συμμοριών του έγινε ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ για την επαναστατική ιστορία, για τους συντρόφους του, για τους καταπιεσμένους και για τους μαχητές της ελευθερίας!

Παρακάτω η ανακοίνωση στα Αγγλίκά...



Our comrade Sahin H. (Haukur Hilmarsson) became immortal during Efrin's resistance from the Turkish army's invasion. Sehid Sahin was fighting with revolutionary moral, defending the village of Badina (in Efrin), having no fear for Turkey's modern and advanced weapons (drones, airstrikes), that is systematically being used against Efrin's people. He and other comrades were fighting for hours, keeping the village free from occupation by a huge number of Turkish state-backed gangs (FSA). After their successful defense, the Turkish jets hit the village and Heval Sahin fell sehid.


Haukur Hilmarsson was an anarchist revolutionary. He was involved in activist actions for solidarity for refugees, in movements involving squatting houses and in international solidarity. Seeing for himself how the system of authority and power is advancing, especially in the western world, made him realize that the uprising of fascism worldwide can be stopped by revolutionary movements through armed self-defence. He was involved in radical movement from an early age and he travelled to Rojava for revolutionary internationalist solidarity. For comrade Haukur, Rojava's paradigm was the way how movements can succeed, building and protecting a society of freedom. It was enough reason for him to travel here and show international solidarity against the fascists of Daesh and more recently the Turkish fascist state that wills to finish what it's child couldn't fulfill.


Haukur was a volunteer fighter of ''Revolutionary Union for Internationalists Solidarity'' (RUIS) and traveled with other comrades in Rojava to assist it's defense units. He saw that, in Rojava, the heart of revolution beats strongly, as well as the perspective to expand and to enforce it. He saw that beyond the fighting, the communal confederation movement is building a society of freedom, equality and solidarity for all people in the region. He realized that armed self-defense plays a vital role for the survival of the revolution against Daesh fascists. He decided to come and join the people's protection units (YPG) a long time before his arrival. He voluntarily joined the International Freedom Battalion (IFB) to become a freedom fighter and to fight Daesh fascists, with the goal to liberate the land from the tyranny which they enforced. ''It's a shame of the western world that keeps it's eyes closed to what is happening here. In the west we haven't even thought of the possibility to come to Rojava!''- Haukur was saying.


Haukur immediately joined the operation to liberate Raqqa city center. He, among other international freedom fighters, joined operations, taking ground by ground in the city. He faced the fascists face to face in the front line, as they have been encircled by the liberation forces of YPG/YPJ/SDF. With the fall of Raqqa a serious victory against fascism has been achieved, but still the threat against Rojava revolution hasn't vanished. The Turkish fascist state, via it's leader Erdogan, has immediately proclaimed a new attack for Rojava. This time the Turkish army is targeting Efrin's canton.


Haukur decided to stay to defend Rojava from the ''new'' expected threat. He understood that the revolution is under attack. The attack against Efrin was the start of a much larger attack against the rest of Rojava's cantons. The victory of the revolution has scared the Turkish state so far, forcing it to launch an immediate attack and show its real face by starting a war after Daesh has been left so weak. By launching this attack, it attempts to kill the world of freedom that is emerging and at the same time to become the largest power in middle east, creating at the same time a nationalistic status inside Turkish ground. It attempts to kill the revolution here, by making Rojava's liberated ground a colony of it's interests.


Haukur moved with other internationals to Efrin's canton to support the resistance. He immediately went to the front line where comrades where holding back the FSA gangs and trying to reoccupy some of the first villages that were taken. He moved to the borders of Efrin with Turkey to assist the resistance. He stood alongside YPG/YPJ/QSD freedom fighters. He further practiced his commanding responsibilities that he learnt in Raqqa. He played a key role in transferring a wounded comrade to hospital during a Turkish attack and he was co-leading the last successful defense against numerous gangs. He proved with actions that international solidarity does not take one step back in the face of fascists and enemies of freedom. He proved that when mercenaries and fascists are facing revolutionaries, they are weak and they flee from battle.


Haukurs paradigm guides revolutionaries and scares the fascists. We, his comrades, continue marching his and our path,the one for revolutionary internationalist solidarity. We defend life, freedom and the land itself from mercenaries, fascists, and state's oppression. Haukur's revolutionary standing is motivating every freedom fighter to keep resisting and every proletarian in world to enforce and defend this revolution. To us - his comrades - he is still alive! He lives in our resistance against fascism and tyranny, empowering us to continue the struggle for social liberation!









Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity(RUIS)



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