Αγγλική μετάφραση κειμένου απάντησης σε καταδοτική ανακοίνωση σχετικά με την υπεράσπιση των Εξαρχείων στις 6/12/2016

English translation of the response against the treacherous announcement of the “popular assembly of Exarchia” about the anniversary of Alexis Grigoropoulos and the combative resistance of Exarchia on 6 December 2016

Για να θυμόμαστε από ποια πλευρά του κοινωνικού οδοφράγματος στέκεται ο καθένας, ποιοί είναι οι υπερασπιστές των Εξαρχείων και της κάθε ελεύθερης γειτονιάς απέναντι σε μπάτσους, πολιτικά/οικονομικά συμφέροντα και παρακρατικούς/μαφιόζους και ποιοί οι πολεμοκάπηλοι κι οι υπηρέτες του κράτους

Το κείμενο στα ελληνικά

Ενημερώσεις από την κινητοποιήση απάντησης στην καταδοτική ανακοίνωση της «λαϊκής συνέλευσης Εξαρχείων» για την επέτειο του Αλέξη Γρηγορόπουλου και τη μαχητική υπεράσπιση της γειτονιάς το 2016:
Κάλεσμα ανοιχτής συζήτησης σχετικά με το καταδοτικό κείμενο της “λαϊκής συνέλευσης Εξαρχείων” για τα γεγονότα της 6ης Δεκέμβρη



Response to the 'popular assembly of Exarchia'

Opening our squat in the area of Exarchia aims at strengthening the anti-state struggle and at creating comradely and fighting relations with the people who are active in the area and with solidarians. Our visions cannot but pose as an immediate goal the liberation of the ground, where we mobilize, from the state and capital. This stance has been de facto from the first day of the occupation of the building until today. The collective space that we created with this squat is already a center of struggle that houses activities on the basis of self-organization, with a clear position against state institutions and exploitation. With this vision in mind, we called other projects to a public procedure, for the defense of a neighborhood with a history of struggle, up against the mercenaries of authority on the 6th of December 2016, the anniversary of the murder of anarchist Alexis Grigoropoulos from the cops and a day of spreading the insurgent urge.

In the text that we wrote and distributed together with another anarchist collective that is housed in the neighborhood, we proposed the organized guarding of our common ground from state repression:

The organization of an aggressive defense of a neighborhood so that we may breach the state siege, is not the work of just one social group. It is the responsibility and capacity of all those who reside in or whose vital space this neighborhood is, and who are besieged by repression and exploitation.”

Joining together in struggle with collectives, self-organized structures and people who mobilize in the neighborhood and who understand it as a place of confrontation with authority, we attempted to hold an open procedure, aiming to evolve the struggle against repression. From a position of consistency, we urged that insurgents should claim all means that contribute towards the prospect of anarchy and freedom.

On the 6th of December, a day of remembrance and revolt, everyone demonstrated on which side of the barricade they stand. As the march in the center of Athens began, the neighborhood of Exarchia was entrenched with strong barricades for the prevention of raids by the lackeys of law and order. During the hours that the barricades were guarded by a mass of organized and other comrades, for the first time and despite its persistent efforts the state could not take an inch of ground from us. After the organized guard had departed and the crowd began to disperse, the torturers in uniform made vindictive raids, injuring and arresting people at random, as they did in the wider area, with the characteristic example of a protester who was caught near the Pedion Areos park and who suffered a fractured knee by the beatings of the cops.

Some days later, the 'popular assembly of Exarchia' published an announcement regarding the events of that night. This announcement incites repression, using penal terminology (“...moral abettors”) and targeting collectives which openly took a stance about the repression of the neighborhood that day, as well as all those who contributed to the guard of the neighborhood.

It should be clear what this 'assembly' of people stands for. Their sole concern is the business and generally the private interests in the area. They refer to the “cost of destructions, cost that is always borne by the same residents, workers and tax payers”. What does this phrase mean? It means that the said private interest advocates, are concerned highly about the properties and investments of the privileged petit-bourgeois. It also means they accept the extortionate system of taxation. Moreover, they legitimize the exploitation of workers by the bosses of the bars and shops, on the pretext of some destructions. The reference to the “broken windows and pavements” reminds us of the statement of the communist party, which gave its best performance for the sake of counter-insurgency during the revolt of 2008: “When we make a revolution, not a single window will be smashed”.

The text reproduces the most conservative narrative around the concept 'resident', describing an imaginary uniform category of private interest holders, vis a vis which anything that is foreign is also hostile. What then is the difference between those petty politicians, who see those who struggle in the neighborhood as alien to it, as people who come to 'cannibalize' and 'let off steam', between the petty-bourgeois who just like war-time snitches, gave the insurgents to the mechanisms of authority, what is the difference between them and the most racist scum of greek society and the fascistic efforts to turn neighborhoods into recruitment grounds for the armies of repression? We say: there is no difference.

In the reality that we shape -residents and non residents- liberating grounds from the cannibalism of domination, neighborhoods become alive precisely because those who until yesterday were isolated within national, regional, cultural and personal boundaries, they all meet in the common struggle and attempt to co-organize on terms of self-organization, equality and freedom. Particularly Exarchia, through its historical dynamic, stands as a pivotal ground of resistance and political dialogue in the whole of Athens, the country and the world. The openness and polymorphic nature of this movement feeds the attempt to realize the rupture with authority. A part of this interaction is formed by groups of residents who participated in its aggressive guarding on the 6th of December.

As regards the stance of the anti-popular assembly about the struggle against repression, their introduction presents the anniversary of the murder of Alexis as an occasion for cannibalism. Young fighters, like Grigoropoulos and Kaltezas (neither of whom were residents of Exarchia), are disregarded as “deluded insurrectionists” and “authoritarians who let off steam in the neighborhood”. On this point, they fully identify with the efforts by the regime and its media to systematically target those who revolt as anti-social elements, in pursuit of private interests. This narrative about the anniversary and the accompanying interpretation of our discourse on criminological terms, shape the background that invites repression.

Their perception about the struggle against the armed mechanisms of the state, the murders of fighters, the daily violence that is perpetrated on the oppressed and specifically the violence that was perpetrated that day, on the 6th of December (arrests, imprisonment, injuries, beatings, chemical warfare and rubber bullets), are all summarized in one word as “play”. By the hypocritical statement that destruction of property inflames repression in the neighborhood, they provide repression with extra legitimization. Of course, nowhere do they mention the true destruction realized on the bodies of those who resist. “You talk about damages, we talk about lives”.

Their individualism, their insensitivity, their servility are revealed in all their cannibalistic depth, when they boldly state that their sole concern about the cops' chemical weapons, is that these do not hit, as collateral damage to the real target, which is the alien insurgent elements, the private residents who are shut in their homes. Here they want quietness, order and security, so they say to the insurgents, “go get bombarded elsewhere, as you deserve”. Just as we said in the call for 6th of December, “Korkoneas' hand was armed by the closed doors”.

Finally, their reference to concepts such as “struggle”, “history”, “revolution” and “anti-authority” is vacant, so as to mar the battle that has been fought for decades against the state, the institutions and authoritative structures.

Their apathy towards repression, the memory and the self-organization of the neighborhood and beyond, has already been expressed in their denial to participate in the open discussion on the 3rd of December on Exarchia sq. where they could pose their objections or doubts regarding the anti-repression struggle face to face. It is clear that they had already shared out the roles on statist and class terms (inciting repression and defending business interests), saving for themselves the role of the lackey of the police.

Of course, the previous years (when Syriza was not in power) this assembly had some contact with the street. What has changed? Surely, it is not the case that aimless aggression has increased, since the organized guard inspired by its paradigm and exhortation, so that the rage be addressed to the riot cops. Moreover, neither has the aggression and provocation from the side of the police decreased. What changed was the quality of resistance in the neighborhood and of the strength of the insurgents. This is the fact that bothers the regime and its lackeys most: the upgrading of political dialogue, of the combative organization and of the practice and the experience of all those who defended the barricades.

The state responded immediately. Already from the following day, the presence of special units on the streets of Exarchia was intensified, aiming to spread terror to all those who live and hang out in the neighborhood, but mainly to those who have political activity in the area. This aggression must not go unanswered. Already comrades who refuse to allow for militarized control of the streets, have taken up direct action against the regime of fear that is being created.

This treacherous announcement of the “popular assembly of Exarchia” clearly targets the anarchist struggle, the collectives which openly took a position against repression and generally against all those who revolt. This practice must be answered by all those who were on the streets on the 6th of December and who fought the forces of repression, as well as by all those who see themselves as part of the common struggle against all authority.

In conclusion, the operational plan of the state cadres fell apart on the 6th of December; likewise they will drag down with them the debris of petty politician scum. Just as we didn't surrender an inch of ground to the fascists in uniform, we shall not leave an inch of space to their applauders.

As a first step, we call to an open discussion regarding the way to deal with these snitches of the “popular assembly” and with their disgusting announcement. Indeed, it was that same pro-institutional groupuscule that demanded that all collectives, groups and squats of the neighborhood take a stance about the organized guard on the 6th of December. This is truly an opportunity for the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement to show its reflexes against such scum.




GARE Squat

January 2017


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