New Babylon Squat Athens

On the 15.05.2018 a group of trans-national folk occupied a vaccant building in Exarchia with the intentions to live together in a political meaninful way. Solidarians and Donations are welcome, at the moment we are occupied with cleaning and creation of sleeping spaces. Come to New Babylon, Tzavella 25, Exarchia and introduce yourself.

As the subjects of our own liberation we decided to open a new squat in Tzavella 25 under the name New Babylon. The occupation happend with the welcome support of other political groups concerned with self-organization as well as the colorful help of self-determined individuals around noon on the 15.05.2018. The 7 big floors we found upon entering are going to be transformed into living spaces and communal areas, in which we hope to conduct our political work and everyday tasks collectively. While we seek to share our poltical strength amog all, visitors and solidarians are welcome to participate in our daily tasks and assemblies with respect to the autonomy of the inhabitants and their assemblies.

Our current needs are:
- Cleaning supplies
- Sleeping and sitting furniture
- Kitchen pots and tools

Happily we report that water and electricity are already available in the house since the first day, and thank for the help we are recieving.

Bookmark our blog which we hope to fill with more info and be the first to subscribe to our mailing list.

If you are interested to organize a workshop, share some skills or help with language lessons, we look forward to meeting you in New Babylon or write an email to

With Love & Anarchy
New Babylon

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