Berlin: Trial against Isa, imprisoned resident of Rigaer94, starts on Monday, 2nd July

On Monday starts the trial against Isa in a high security area of a court in Berlin. He is in custody since three month, when 300 special forces with helicopter support, invaded in Rigaer94 to arrest him.   He is accused of a behavior, which can be described as self defence against drunken idiots in two cases and one case of self defence against a Police Officer, which was attacking the entrance of R94.

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But the public prosecutor calls it bodily harm and resistance. The State Safety Department of Berlin Police have created a group of five individuals in the neighbourhood, who will be presented at the court as witnesses of the prosecution and „concerned citizens“ against „left wing criminality“ in the area of northern Friedrichshain.


The strategy of the pigs is, because they can not relate Rigaer94 with other accusations, they imprison comrades with small offences. Since long time Rigaer Straße suffers under a 24/7 surveilance operation from security forces.


In the last weeks, some solidarity actions happened, like the burning of a private car from a prison guard, attacks against offices from Social Democrates Party or companys which profit from prisons.

There will be more days in court and we call for solidarity actions.

Free Isa and all other prisoners!

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