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On Saturday 30th of June, the Open Assembly of Collectives and Individuals who Participate in the Re-occupation of Araxovis 44 (Single Men Squat), carried out an intervention at the antiracist festival in Goudi. The body of residents and solidarians intervened at an event taking place at the time, on the themes of borders, migration and solidarity. When the speaches were concluded and before the conversation with the audience was about to begin, the residents of Araxovis took the podium and they talked about the evacuation of the squat by the security team, about their papers, their money and other personal belongings, which were stolen by the said team and have yet to be returned, about how they have dealth with problematic activities inside their community in the past, and their will to live peacefuly in the neighborhood. Concluding, they sent a message to anyone who may attempt again a violent imposition on them, that they will defend themselves accordingly. 

After this, the solidarians took the microphone and read out the entire text of the political statement on the events. Aside from very few provocative reactions by some impatient persons of the audience, a mass of people heard the intervention with interest and many asked for the print-out of the statement. From the outset it was noted that the issues that were being stressed concern the very essence of the issues that the speakers of the panel had come to discuss, precicely because the issues concern communities of migrants and refugees and solidarity. Not, however, somewhere far away, at the borders or in the cardes of the powerful, but inside our neighborhoods, inside our own communities. In any case, the decision to intervene at the antiracist festival was made so as to address both the broad antiracist movement, but also those agents who by their alliances continue to cover up this violent team who evacuated Single Men squat. Indicative of this, is the fact that on the days of the festival, persons of this team where seen guarding the festival gates.

The purpose of this intervention was, as much for the migrants to take the podium so as to talk about their experience, as to point the finger at those responsible for the repressive opreation to evacuate Single Men squat. The anti-authoritarian anarchist movement cannot remain passive vis a vis such incidents of hegemonism and imposition by groups and organizations that prove to be hostile to the antagonistic movement.

The text of the Open Assembly which was read out at the intervention is here in Greek


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