Fascist attack by greek cops against migrants

Last night around 04:00am cops of the greece oligarchy regime attacked to a group of migrants who were in hunger strike from a few days ago in the panepistimio(near the metro st.) athens and at moment two of them are in the Petrou Rali prison.

The members of same group who had squated the UNHCR building and after a while occupy the Solidarity Now in months ago, from a few days ago some of them strated the hunger strike in panepistimio(near the metro st.), athens.

 What they had protest for: "the situation of migrants in greece is not good and opening the borders could be a solution for".

 After squating the UNHCR building and living there for a few months, the greece oligarchy regime and fascists, offically and unoffically had have threaten squaters of UNHCR building that in the last event they sent a text to scare the squaters, so finally a few weeks ago migrants were left from the UNHCR building.

 Many of them become homeless, and some of them decide to continuance the struggle by strike in panepistimio, athens. So they had settle two tents in that place.

 Last night around 04:00am, cops of the greek oligarchy regime made an attack against them, the cops kicked them out from the tents and arrested two of them because they did not have legal papers.

After the last night event, rest of migrants with legal papers had decide to stay in same place for resist and continuance of the struggle and anothers who were arrested are in the Petrou Rali prison.

What is clear: those not matter which goverment is in power, Left or right, syriza or nea democratia, because all of the goverments are corrupt, it is clear for us that syriza goverment who call its self as a supporter of migrants is only a dirty lier mafia. Still our comrades are in prisons, still people in borders are killed, still migrants are deported.

Keep up the struggle, long live anarchy.

"members of the Anarchist union of iran and afghanitan in athens"

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