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Salute to the 25th anniversary since Zapatistas’ Revolt

Comrades, we salute the celebrations of Zapatistas’ Revolt. 25 years have passed since the first shout of “enough is enough” from the mouths of thousand women and men, indigenous Zapatistas, who declared war against Mexican state and deep-state, against oppression and exploitation, a declaration which jolted the whole world. Although we are thousands of kilometers away from you, your voice reached our shores and gave warmth to our hearts.

Our last meeting (during the 1st international, political, artistic, athletic and cultural gathering of women who struggle, in which our comrades from the Women Group against Patriarchy of A.P.O. participated) was for all of us an alive and invaluable experience, which gave us a variety of pictures, movement’s culture and self-organization. The whole experience inspired our struggles. Afterwards, we decided to share our experience and spread the message of the meeting of people’s resistance, through the organization of public called discussions. At the same time, though, our will to co-exist again with you, continues to grow. Unfortunately, that’s not possible to happen so soon, consider the circumstances.

Instead of that, we send our salute from the streets and our struggles, while we get inspired from your words and actions. We stand in solidarity with you, at your nonnegotiable, unceasing and consistent struggle since 25 years. Through resistance and revolt against exploitation and oppression and with the build-up of autonomy, the message of your struggle gets extremely current, wider and deeper.

We are passing through a period, in which the political/economic system is getting bankrupted political, ideologically and morally. It has no more promises to give than wars, exclusions and misery to the oppressed. At the same time it fortifies itself against the expression of a general social dislike, either globally or locally. It intensifies oppression against society and escalates repression of political, social and class struggles that give the people from below. So now, more than any other time, we have to say to our comrades that nothing is finished, that no oppressed person is alone as there is resistance and struggle. We must take our lives back; we must take the responsibility to set our present and our future. We shall meet on top of the rubbles of the world of power, of state and capitalism. We shall meet through the struggles to build a new emancipated society, based on dignity, justice, freedom and solidarity.

Comradely, from the struggling streets in Greece

Anarchist Political Organization | Federation of Collectives

* Information about A.P.O. can be found in our website, HERE

* You can see HERE, the brochure we published which includes our statement at the 1st international meeting of women who struggle, in Morelia. Also, the brochure includes your statements from the beginning and the closure of it.

* You can see HERE, the correspondence report from the meeting and protestation text about the deportation of two of our comrades from the Mexican state.


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