KHORA is an NGO which started its business with the slogan "Assistance to immigrants," KHORA received a large amount of money from a place that except a small group in the ruling class of this NGO, no one knows!

Most people in this NGO are from the UK and most of their ideas are based on liberalism.

The KHORA was forced to shut down its building activities in 2018 due to domestic problems where the white mafia of this NGO prevented the news exit.

After that, much of the organization's activities were stopped, except for the legal support team(which is in building of JAFRA) and free shop(which still is in their building)KHORA, which was recognized as one of the largest NGO to support of immigrants, lost its reputation by shutting down, fame that actually meant more money for them.

It should be noted that, according to many immigrants, during the operation of this organization, there were many dirty things that were never publicly reported by immigrants, including:

((We saw a lot of things, but we were always silent:

We saw that when volunteers in the name of helping immigrants, brought the homeless immigrants to their homes and lied that they are in love with them, but just they used our bodies in the sexual way and returned to their country.

We clearly saw that they looked at us not as humans but as profitable businesses.

We obviously saw the true fascism in the behavior of many of you, when we did not have profit anymore for you and we were rejected;

(Noted by immigrants without change the words))

KHORA that have lost its reputation in a few months ago, lost a lot of money too, the money which was bas on reputation.

The white mafia of KHORA, which after the failure of the new building propaganda project, sought to re-name the KHORA on the tongues, issued a recruitment call in the past few weeks; What was clearly seen was not a call to get interpreters as fair recruitment, in our view, it was just a promotional item for propaganda of KHORA.

KHORA clearly showed how a small oligarchy regime could control an organization, in an organization where individuals are selected on the basis of the personal interests of a small group, it is a oligarchy that is brightly everywhere in the world, although small, but it is called mafia.

According to the KHORA's propaganda machine, about 300 people have registered for emerging occupations, but none of us have been received the time for interviews; only in the end, we only received an email that KHORA had their interpreters from its own!

What we understand was the war for more reputationmoney and more money, the employment issue is who had the personal relation and who is more committed and profitable for the interests of the ruling class!

We have to make it clear that if we were going to work in KHORA, it's not because we approved KHORA; we are from the class of the proletariat, we have become the slave of capitalists so we are in thinking for our night's bread; but the white mafia of this KHORA misused us, while employment programs were pre-determined.

Even we don't know if KHORA will receive money from the job applications that we sent them?!The foxy behavior of KHORA has been proved to us as immigrants so this question even could be true for us!

We have to say to #Khora that the poor, immigrants, and working class are not your propaganda's toy, this is a warring not a proposal.

A group of immigrants who were rejected to get job by the white mafia of KHORA

2 April 2019

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