We support the identity of the pride but we as LGBTQIA+ immigrants decided to don't participate in the capitalistic pride of athens, which in the short exploitation was a business and a game, created by capitalists and the state.

 We believe that anyone who participated in the capitalistic pride of athens, have supported the capitalism, which is producer of fascism.Yes, capitalism and fascism are together, there is no separation between them, so in our opinion: anyone who supported the capitalistic pride of athens have supported the capitalism and without knowing the fascism too. Though, we know most of who participated have no understanding about what they did but what we said is a fact.

We wants answering to people who told to us: we will participate in the athens pride, because of ZAK!

Before answering to that, we have some questions to these people:

1- Who killed ZAK? it's clear that the capitalists and cops.

2- Who participated in the same pride that you participated? Cops.

3- Who are sponsor of the athens pride? Capitalists.

I think our answer is clear.

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