July 15th 2019

Nikos Romanos recovers his freedom!

Now, free all the political prisoners of Greece and around the globe!

On July 11th 2019 Nikos Romanos, one of the tens of political prisoners in the jails of Troika in Greece, recovered his freedom, after 6 years in jail, 4 of them under the government of the trash left Syriza. Nikos is anarchist. He is part of the rebel youth that stood up since 2008 in a revolutionary uprising in Greece. Being with him in the barricades of those uprisings, his friend Alexis Grigoropulos was killed by the murderous police. Nikos is a fighter against capitalism and its murderous states. We, as revolutionary socialists and beyond the political differences, found each other fighting for the destruction of the oppressive bourgeois states and confronting the same treacherous smoke-seller left, agent of imperialism, such as Syriza that administrated Troika’s businesses, ran counterrevolutionary army and applied the worst plans of starvation and repression against the Greek workers. Nikos came out of jail. Weeks ago, other of the anarchist political prisoners, Giannis Michailidis, who has been arrested with Nikos, had managed to escape from prisons with which the state, the regime and the different governments of Greece suppress the ones that stood up. With Giannis, we fought together for the freedom of the political prisoners of the world and together we have supported the revolutionary partisans of the militias in Syria that fought against the fascist Al Assad, who did not surrender (as the PKK and YPG did) to the US master or subordinated to the commands of the repressive Turkish state. There are winds of freedom in Greece. Now, that wind should blow away all the cells in Greece and the world. We need to take out from the dungeons of the capitalist regimes and governments all the political prisoners, such as the Chinese workers and youth that fought against slavery and for the right of self-organization! Open the jails of the Gestapo of the fascist Al Assad in Syria, were there has been jail, torture and massacre to tens of workers, women and youth, as it is done in the jails of Zionism and the dictatorship of Al Sisi in Egypt! The Guantanamo prisoners are still incarcerated. Relatives of the 43 students of Mexico, or of Santillan, Kostequi and Santiago Maldonado of Argentina claim for the murderers of their children to be judged and punished… In the dungeons of the Greek regime there cannot be a single political prisoner! This is conquered with the workers and the rebel youth on the streets, confronting the government and the imperialist Maastricht. Revolutionary internationalist greetings to Nikos Romanos and Giannis Michailidis! We know they will be in the barricades, on the streets, fighting against the oppressors’ regimes and states.

The Truth of the Oppressed, paper of the revolutionary socialists of Syria and the whole Middle East

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