Statement of YPG International for Sehid Sara Dorsin

Sara Dorsin ( Sarah Handelmann) was martyred on 7. April 2019 by an turkish airstrike in the mountains of kurdistan. She was an internationalist from germany who joined the PKK to fight for womens liberation, democracy, freedom and peace. YPG International has published a statement for her commemoration, that tokk place on 18. July 2019 in Derik/ Rojava.

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Statement of YPG International for Sehid Sara Dorsin

On 7th of April of 2019, Sara Dorsin, her real name was Sarah Handelmann, fell in the mountains southern Kurdistan through a Turkish air strike. Above all, we want to express our condolences to her family and friends and want to say that mourn with them.

We did not know Shehid Sara personaly but we know that she came to Rojava because she wanted to get to know and support the revolution here. What she saw and experienced here led he to continue her fight for a better world in the ranks of the Kurdish liberation movement. For this decision, she has left much of her old life, much that is natural for most, behind and abandoned. What does it need to take such a step? Hope! And the belief that the fight can be succesful. Will be Succesfull! The hope that we so often loose in our home countries and the belief in funtamental changes, which piece by piece get destroyed, until we finally accept the world and content ourselves with the illusion of freedom.

Shehid Sara has decided not to accept that. She has taken on new challenges and consiously decided to leave the apparent security and freedom of Europe to fight for real democracy, justice and real freedom. If we look at the revolution here, when we look at what this revolution means for the country and the people here, what has been achieved here with the limited resourches and constant attacks, then we can understand her decision very well. The revolution in Rojava Kurdistan shows us that an other world, that an other life is possible. The consepts and ideas that are implemented here show us the way to a better future; not only in Kurdistan and the Middle East but worldwide. Despit all the diffulcuties and despite all the attacs by fascist forces, people here fight with a lot effort and high morals every day for a utopia to become reality.

It is beyond our doubt that thi fight is right and justified. But we also know what the Turkish state and also the German state say. They say that the guerillas in the mountains of Kurdistan, who fight for the rights and the frredom of the Kurdish people and who have been oppressed for centuries, are a terrorist organization. They also say that the People’s Defence Forces YPG and the Women Defence Forces YPJ, who have defeated Daesh by heavy casualities, are part of this terrorist organization. For more than 40 years, they have justified the murder of tens of thousands of comrades and the bombing the cities, villages and civilians with this argument.

They justified the war of aggression against Afrin with this argument as well as, for example, the murder of a child by snipers on the border between Rojava and Turkey. At the moment, tens of thousands of hectares of grain fields are being set on fire in the fight against the alleged “terror” in Rojava, and whole forests have been burned in Basur and Bakur. Turkey is waging a war of annihilation against the Kurdish people, supported by European states, especially Germany. The ones who defend the people against all this; those who are not inactively watching how this crime continues, this culture that destroys cities and villages, are designated by the involved states as terrorists. There is not much more disgusting than this. Because those who fight against an order, which is built on violence and exploitation of human beings are not terrorists, they are role models who do everything necessary to end this injustice even if this costs their own lives.

The struggle of the Kurdish people is justified because it seeks a democratic and peacful solution with all, including Turkey. The concepts and ideas of the Kurdish movement should benefit not ony the own people but they are for a coexistence of all relegions and ethnic groups in the Middle East and the rest of the world. It’s beautiful decision to commit to this fight.

There are not many who act as Sehid Sara did, and her courage and consistency are an example to us. If we think of her now, then we have to ask our selves if we act as consequent as she did or if we are to afraid of the possible consequences. Sara was an internationalist from Germany. Especially in the heart of capitalism, in Europe and Germany, it is very easy to surrender to the apparent necessities, pleasures and distractions that the system offers us. It is easy to forget that all we have, that all our material wealth and social peace are built on the exploitation and oppression of all other parts of the world, the women and the nature. It is also easy to see only your own problems and, at best, those of our friends and family but it is difficult to develop and work on a real revolutionary perspective. There are many ways to fight for a better world. Sara chose her own and consistently went to the end. We should also ask ourselves if we are willing go such a path or if we are too afraid to do it.

If we really want to remember her message and history, there is only one way we can go together. We must continue the fight for this world and its people, because remembering means fighting.

We will continue to fight for the dreams of Sara and the other revolutinaries who gave their lives for their beliefs.

Sehid Namirin-Sehid Namirin-Sehid Namirin

Biji Serok Apo-Biji Soresa Rojava-Biji Soresa Cihane

The fallen show us the way and live on our resistance.

YPG International



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