Free Camping IS NOT a Commodity

In light of the recent instances of renting, first through AIRBNB and then through commercial networks for securing trees, in the free camping area of Sarakiniko.

Free Camping IS NOT a Commodity


The natural beauty of Gavdos has been enjoyed for decades by vacationers who reside mainly under the cedar and pine trees in conditions of free camping. The management of the kavatza (living area based on the shade of at least one tree) and of nature developed a culture and associated norms. It shaped as time passed its own identity:

Self-evident fact 1: The kavatza is not to be used as a storage area or for commercial purposes, such as proffessional housing facilities in nature. 

Self-evident fact 2: Kavatzas may not be sold, rented, or occupied in advance. They belong to all of us on the basis of one kavatza per couple, family, or vacationer. 

Self-evident fact 3: Vacationers form a community. They discuss among themselves and find commonly acceptable solutions. They do not create fait accomplish by amassing kavatzas in order to then impose a "happy medium". 

Self-evident fact 4: None may privatize a space that for decades has shaped the logic of common use. This logic secured the protection of nature, as well as a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between the permanent resident and the vacationers of Gavdos. 

In these spaces, some of us grew up, some matured, some grew old, and all of us socialized, and now we are asked to either pay rent or leave. we will not be displaced from the sand duners of Sarakiniko and the rest of Gavdos.

Gentrification no pasaran.

We call upon the permanent residents and the vacationers to oppose the commercialization of camping practices. 


Residents and Vacationers of Gavdos

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